Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Divine Spark of Life

At the very Center of our Existence is the Nuclear Spark of Life. This Spark vibrates and expands from Source through everything we do. Some would say that this is Pure Love, others would call it the Source of All Life in the Universe. I have called this Spark a Mantra, the guiding Light that shows us the way to Infinite Joy and Infinite Love.
We are born from the Universe and our individual life is an expression of the Divine Spark of Love and Light that moves through us every day. Usually our mind is so noisy and so bossy that we fail to feel the Silent Wave of Light that creates our life in harmony with all living things. Learning to receive this Wave of Light and Love is the greatest opportunity we have to find our way through the many challenges of our life. Divine Love never shouts at us. It only shines the Light so we can see where we are going. Tuning into this Silent Spark allows the Wave to get bigger and clearer with each step that we take. There is no need to control it or force it. This is the Pure Spark of Life that moves eternally through every step we take in life.

Finding the Spark leads us through the darkness and opens the door to the Infinite. Meditation is the beginning, but living our life in harmony with the Force of Love is the goal. One step at a time, we begin to find peace and feel the gentle waves of the Divine that will bring our life into harmony with the Universe and open the door to the Eternal Light and Cosmic Love we call Enlightenment. The Spark of Life never disappears. It is always there to help us. we only need to turn off our mind and allow it to move through us in everything we do. Letting go of our need to push allows the Light to expand until it fills every corner of our life in the world. Then human life realizes it is Divine. Love Mantra is just the beginning. What is first felt as a gentle pulse deep inside our heart will eventually become a blazing Sun that nourishes every flower in the garden of our life in the world.
Some will try to understand, while others will just feel it and enjoy. Life needs no explanation. Life is here to explore the Infinite and discover all the magnificence that the Universe has to give us.

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