Monday, January 4, 2016

Sandra Walter ~ Happy NOW Year

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Happy NOW Year! I AM sure most of you feel the magnitude and gratitude of this path unfolding right here, right now. All of our hard work - the expansion, the journey of unconditional Love, the Self-realization - is culminating in our transformation as we embody the NEW HUman expression upon Gaia.
Wayshowers and first-embodiers are going to be focused on this unique shift through (at least) January. Some of the experiences and energies are bizarre as ancient energies, codes, activations and beings re-join our journey. All of this was put in place as our best-case-scenario for the Ascension timelines, and here we are. Living it, fully conscious that everything is accelerating onto greater, higher light. How wonderful to receive this with an open heart!

Personally, I AM honoring this phase by staying centered, focused, in tune with Gaia (stability through these cosmic storms) and allowing my Team to show me what is new for the next phase of my journey. Some of the energetic adjustments are profound, some are unknown-to-me (embracing the bizarre a LOT lately), and there is a deeply devout aspect that is putting me in touch with a new definition of sacred. I read, study, write, and have a few projects that keep me grounded when I need it.
One of those projects is releasing Ascension Path in a (very) public forum. I AM excited to announce that Part One - the first four modules - of Ascension Path are now on This means you can rent the videos at your leisure without the commitment to a year-long class, either one-by-one or the whole Part One for a month. I Love, Love, Love this option and included some bonus features, as well as making the first 2 videos free so folks get a sample of my style.
There is a screen shot below - check it out! The trailer is there, too. Easy for everyone to dip their toes in the Ascension waters if they have been cautious about taking the plunge. I chose Vimeo because it is a grown-up version of YouTube; more artists, more integrity, less nonsense, and more folks willing to support creatives and teachers. More community and co-creation, less drain. All of my focus is going to creating the new, with folks that resonate with that vibe. All New Paradigm.
Kindwhile, I hope you find inspiration in the new newsletter format! Sending all of you warmth,strength and empowerment as we enter this year of revelation.
In Love, Light and Service,
Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 1.13.25 PM
"Ascension Path is a remarkable gift to HUmanity."
Ascension Path is now on Vimeo!
Rent the first four modules for 30 days, or one-at-a-time. This is a great way to engage with Ascension study at your own pace. While it does not include private support or the full class Q&A materials, it is cost-effective and gets clear Ascension guidance out to our global family.
Part One is THE Foundational work that everyone must do to gain their freedom from lower level constructs. Big support for a Big year ahead!
Sandra Walter 2
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February 10 at 5pm PT
Join me for a free in-depth webinar with John Burgos, host of Beyond The Ordinary Show. I AM honored to be a featured guest on this global platform showcasing the world’s foremost transformational leaders.
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