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Kelly Hampton ~ Healing the Core of Mother Earth

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This is an excerpt of Kelly's book channeled by Archangel Michael.

Healing the Core of Mother Earth

Where we left off was at the beginning, so the beginning shall become the end. In other words, as we say these things to each of you who are reading or hearing this information, we propose that you pull up a chair and wrap yourselves around your favorite blanket and invite your children to kneel at your feet, and I will do my best to try to unfold and unravel one of the greatest stories ever told --and that’s the story of creation, particularly animal creation.

This does not mean for a moment or second that I proclaim to be myself as God. However like you, I have been created in the image of God’s infinite mind, the one Supreme Being. But, I do intend to do my absolute highest work to make this teaching to seem very much like a story. All of the best teachings are stories. And so I hope you find what ensues in the following pages or recordings of the information at times to be enlightening, at times perhaps troubling, at times perhaps awe-inspiring, majestic, horrifying, enveloping, developing all of your senses. So, if there is something stated that does incense you, I would ask each and every one of you to stand up and take peaceful action so that if it’s proper sized tears that you find forming from the knowledge that a particular species or set of species or animals might likely be extinct, or that you find your blood pressure rising slightly, or your joy quota is diminishing--rise up! Rise up and do something collectively!

I’d like to insert a prayer before going into the core material on healing Mother Earth, Gaia. Whenever two or more souls come together in the same common intent, same common thinking, same common prayer, and same common anything, it magnifies the power. So, if you are listening or reading to the text, and you have some loved ones gathered around you or maybe you even have you own pets snuggled around you as they have telepathic knowing, they will be reacting when you are reading the words, and the words may inspire you, and they collectively the smaller pets, will feel what you are feeling.
The prayer I feel will be beautiful to begin with is simply this:

“Every day I have a choice to make.
I have a choice to be living and contributing
to the sustainability of my Mother, Mother Earth.
Or, I have a choice to do something towards her
destruction.  Either knowingly or unknowingly,
I choose sustainability.”

That is all, nothing more.

With that said, moving into laying the foundation I feel as though we very well cannot talk about the life forms on Earth specifically animals of all sizes, shapes, colors and dimensions either once on the planet, now on the planet or on the planet in the future without honoring the host. As the poem just a few moments ago, Mother Earth, Gaia will like to offer some of her teaching, so I will step aside and allow her to do so and I will be rejoining you in just a moment.

Mother Earth:
I am who you might say I am, might think I am. You might think of me as your mother, you might think of me as feminine Goddess energy, you might think of me as femininity. Who am I? I am the voice of the energy of the mother who holds all forms of life upon her; upon her oceans, upon her lands, upon her skies. In your planetary system I am known as Mother Earth. In other constellations and other universes I am known by other names. My teaching is simple. It is very basic. If you can imagine that I have a collective consciousness like you do, then you can believe that this is true--that there are vessels on Earth who can tap into frequencies and share these frequencies with you. So, my message is simply stated--Be pure of intent. It sounds very simple. Be pure of intent. What does that mean? It means that if you are fishing from my waters, be clear of intent. If you are mining from my belly from my land, be clear of intent. If you are doing anything that involves that soil, the water, the air you breathe, be pure of intent and the purest of intent that is mandatory. Do your minds want to guess what this might be?

Be intent upon love.

Yes, it is that simple.

It is not a whole lot different than anything else you may do in any other part of your lives. In fact it shouldn’t be. It should be the same. The same energy that flows through the middle of my core, the middle of my knowingness, the middle of everything, flows through you in a similar fashion, and that flows through every living breathing organism, even the most feared and hated venomous snake, even the most feared and venomous wild jackal has love as their infinite being-ness. The healing that the Angel was speaking of when he mentioned the laying the foundation of the healing of my core, he is talking about the healing of the atrocities that mankind’s actions have taken place here, especially in the last 500 years. In many ways some of the atrocities that fell outside of the vibration of love by mankind were not purely done by mankind alone, and some of these atrocities were also done by those from other dimensions. So, I honor and give grace to Archangel Michael for talking briefly here about dimensions; other dimensions, other universes, so that your minds can start to begin to understand what I am saying.

Many of you know this as you know your names; that there are multiple intelligent life forms that have visited me for thousands upon thousands of years, and some of them have left their imprint. Like a dirty shoe might leave an imprint an energetic one; in some cases a real dirty shoe print by scalding my land in some fashion, my soil, leaching away rich nutrients and so on; scarring and digging away at the copper and iron ore mines so that many of the underground civilizations that do exist underground (yes, they do exist underground) had to be rebuilt. You may wonder…well, she has presented several things here…the idea of underground tunnels, two-- that something had to be rebuilt and, three, what does this have to do with anything on top of the Earth you might say, and also you might say nefarious beings. If your family is gathered around your feet and you are in a patio or a porch or outside on Mother Earth, myself, thinking that the family is going to be enlightened with a book that’s like a child’s encyclopedia about what the diet is of the Woolly Mammoth, it’s not going to be just quite like that. But this will be a teaching and a presentation like everything which carries a vibration of love. As I speak for myself it does little service to spend too much time devoted to anything that falls outside of love and spend too much time speaking about nefarious beings. But in the context of how my soul was wounded I, myself had multiple implants from those outside of love, almost if you can imagine like splinters in your finger. If you have ever got a splinter in any part of your body, but especially in your finger, that is very much what the implants felt like to me. Injurious. Irritating. Not belonging. That is why some have called me, Mother Earth, for the longest time the Dark Planet, because of these various implants and other scalding that mankind himself has done. Now, for clarity--to my way of knowing, and I do not profess to be myself any closer to the idolization of God, Infinite Mind, Holy Creator than Archangel Michael does, I am not stating that everyone on Earth damaged my soil, overgrazed land, overfished my waters, did any number of a thousand different catastrophic challenging actions to the wellbeing of the animal kingdom that lives upon me and lived upon me. I am just saying that it is something that existed and, largely in my time here, my role as I see it is to provide a loving foundation; with the passage of the 11/11, 12/12 and 12/21 /2012 the last splinter was removed.

Are you wondering how does Mother Earth remove a splinter? I belched it out. It is quite a bit of movement in the Earth’s tectonic plates anyway. As many of you know, some of you live on top of some of the largest fault lines, so you are very aware of what I am talking about on some level. But what I am saying to you is that the last splinter on that date, that last date mentioned was actually a seismic eruption. I mean it quite literally--that the belching was an eruption. So, now the time of rebuilding nirvana is ours at hand. Yes, of course there are those on Earth that still by their own thoughtlessness, their malice or intended-ness outside of love that do things that strip and rob the life force energy the living organisms, of necessary and vital elements but their numbers are lessening.

In continuing, as I say from the intent or perspective of pure love, there is no point in a text like this where the focus largely is on the magnificent animal kingdom from the past, present and future, to go into the atrocities mankind from all dimensions that have harbored upon my soul. It is simply a new dawn; a new age; a new beginning. For the uninitiated, the core in my belly is crystalline in nature. There are two significant two crystalline cores that vibrate in tandem that correspond to your magnetic fields of clockwise and counter clockwise, with multiple and multiple and multiples of bands extending outside of these two major cores. It’s a bit like looking inside of a tennis ball, if you have ever looked inside of a tennis ball or golf ball, perhaps that’s solid all the way through that has an inner weaving. That is very much like the magnetic fields, there are multiple magnetic fields but within my core belly.

I suppose it would be useful to share some more wisdom about my comment about underground tunnels so as not to leave any of you wondering, but the splinters as I mentioned did in fact indeed at one time need repair of some underground tunnels, more like burrows perhaps, and if your minds are wondering… “Well, what are you speaking of?” I say to you very much as Archangel Michael and many of the higher counsel, the angelic realm, any of the elementals, many of those of the spirit world, you might say, the leaders of the high holy ones know of that, there are places underneath your feet that have had entire civilizations, still do, operating 5th dimensional energy type work. That would include the underground oceanographic tunnels. Perhaps tunneling might imply very much in your Earth world above the ground what a tunnel is, but it is not so much that linear. If you are visualizing these underground cities because that is what they are, cities or civilizations teeming with life that have been hidden from mankind’s knowing-ness for thousands of years and the veil of secrecy is coming off as the vibration of love fully embraces my consciousness once again as well as yours.

What do your magnificent minds think? The scientists that may be listening might be thinking this cannot simply be so?  Either from a moral standpoint or an intellectual one, or just a purely physics one; how can tunnels be created in molten rock and lava? And I say to you that they are, they were, and they will be well into the future for the purpose of supporting fifth dimensional or higher healing, because that’s really why the Angel invoked me to come in to this part of our time together, as the source of healing my final wounds. And like your physical body, many of my wounds have been internal. Yes, I have outside, outward, superficial wounds, those are the ones we described and there are the ones you see with your own eyes and witnessed. When a forest is cut down, deforested and done in such a way that all the life forms and the tall giants, the crystal connectors are denigrated and so on, there is endless, countless examples of this through mankind’s existence here.
Suffice to say that I, too, have had wounds inside, often internal wounds that you can’t really see unless you fully examine them. But you know that something isn’t right. Sometimes internal healing takes longer than external healing. In keeping with the scope of this work we are talking about the infinite creator having as many life forces keeping my poles on their axis. Just as though you may think of this in your minds, just as though your own body has internal ways of keeping your internal organs working well, those of you who are physicians out there will know many of these ways. But, let’s talk about bacteria, good bacteria that your body makes to ward off an infection, that’s very much like what I am trying to describe here to each of you that these underground tunnels and civilizations also underwater, they’re working to keep me whole.

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