Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jiddu Krishna Murti Quotes: I must Love the very thing I am studying

The what is is what you are, not what you would like to be; it is not the ideal because the ideal is fictitious, but it is actually what you are doing, thinking, and feeling from moment to moment. What is is the actual, and to understand the actual requires awareness, a very alert, swift mind. But if we begin to condemn what is, if we begin to blame or resist it, then we shall not understand its movement. If I want to understand somebody, I cannot condemn him, I must observe, study him. I must love the very thing I am studying. If you want to understand a child, you must love and not condemn him. You must play with him, watch his movements, his idiosyncrasies, his ways of behaviour; but if you merely condemn, resist, or blame him, there is no comprehension of the child. Similarly, to understand what is, one must observe what one thinks, feels, and does from moment to moment. That is the actual. Any other action, any ideal or ideological action is not the actual-it is merely a wish, a fictitious desire to be something other than what is.So to understand what is requires a state of mind in which there is no identification or condemnation, which means a mind that is alert and yet passive. - Krishnamurti, The Collected Works, Vol. V",50,Choiceless Awareness

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  1. The actual ... is that what is ...

    ... that what is ... in this eternal now-moment

    It is always present and aware ... with ... and as ... the actual ... perfect beautiful creation

    It has no "need to understand" ...

    ... as it is "bussy" ... fully being aware, experiencing ... the actual ... now-moment

    In order to try ... "to understand" ... "one" has to ... "leave" the actual perfect now-moment ... the unity ... to separate from it ...

    ... as perfection ... can only be EXPERIENCED in the actual now-moment of unity

    The moment "one" ... "leaves" the actual ... and unity ... a separate construct "I" arises ...

    ... and that's where the "trouble"starts ... :-) :-) :-)
    ... never to be fully "understood"