Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ann Dahlberg ~ Judas Iscariot ~ January 24, 2016

Judas Iscariot
Sunday, January 24th, 2016
Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. The monies are now on the way out in the world, dear friends. Much disclosure has been presented and can be found and read on the internet for all who are interested. The arrests have more or less been pursued and much is now on its way to change in the world you live in. The changes are for the better, folks, so be grateful for them. Everything will proceed at a pace that you all can handle, somewhat depending on which vibration you are at. It is no longer possible to profit from others, if so maybe one has more to learn. Your own lessons have to be learned or you cannot develop as an individual. The pace at which you adopt them is highly individual. The advantage is that it can proceed faster today, since the light gives you an extra push. It is easier for you to see and understand what it is that you should develop in yourself.

Everything will become much clearer and easier now. During these times things are accelerating and developments for the planet and the individual go faster. The collective consciousness allows all to understand, since it is there for all. The collective consciousness has been raised and thus it raises the level for all. The veil is getting thinner and the truth can shine through more easily. It becomes clearer to see what is needed in order to go forward today.
What do you need to change? What is your next step? Does it fit what your heart and your higher senses (intuition) want? If so take a step in that direction and you will see that all will flow by itself. We are there to support you until the path, the true path, becomes clearer and easier. Humanity has collectively determined to wake up, and this is what will happen. The path to get there is individual, but the goal is the same.
The Light is shining brightly and Heaven has blessed your efforts. You are cherished and cheered on by millions of beings from up here. The energy that is now shining down on you has not previously been possible to measure. Its scope is so large and wide that nothing similar has ever been seen. It is an honor to be here and now and the activity up here is enormous. There are beings and planets all over the universe that want to help with your ascension now. Everybody is eager to contribute with something, it can be something very small, but the gratitude is large if one is allowed to be a part of it. We remind you that all of us are a part of this. We are One, a unit together. We all belong with Our Father and live and move within him. Blessed be His Name, Hosanna, Hosanna.
We thank our Father who so gently raises the Earth and all that live on it to a higher dimension in joy and love.
I kneel to Him and to You, my valiant warriors.
I love you,

Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan


  1. ....."we thank our father for gently".......are you out off your FU---- mind? you asshole its a total caos and death is everywhere mother fu--r........

  2. Thank You Thank You Thank You! I love you too! I wish to know what I need to learn.

    Bless You.