Monday, October 7, 2013

Karen Doonan ~ Dancing in the shadows….

For many of you the last 24/48 hours in the human linear time context may have seen much emotion arise and much confusion, anxiety and chaos unfold around you or even within you.  It can be extremely confusing to the human psyche to FEEL the intense energies begin their work but “see” no immediate change in what you perceive as your waking life experience.  This may have many of you seriously questioning what is happening for if you look for a reference point in the life that you have lived up until this moment (remember ALL changes at all times, nothing is static) you will find nothing, for it dissolves as you attempt to look at it.

If you then attempt to find a reference point in that which you can FEEL but cannot see the human logical mind will attempt to filter it out and so you are left in a sort of “no man’s land”.  For those of you who are surrounded by those who are what is termed “asleep” the past 24/48 hours may have been extreme, for those who are unaware at a human conscious waking mind level of all that is now unfolding the triggering will be immense. The need to constantly re-anchor all that they have been taught under the old 3d earth “rules” will be high and they will aggressively try to do this at times. By this I dont mean they will get physical, more that their tolerance for your “indiosynchrasies” will be nill. They may tell you bluntly just how mad they think you are all the while filtering out just how insane the reality of 3d earth is in TRUTH. A reality that is now breaking down but is being propped up by the extreme emotions of those who do not want it but cannot let it go for they are unable to see that their fears are driving the reality.
This is a time of walking between worlds, of being conscious of all that is dissolving and being able to TRUST the FEELings that are arising within you. The old dissolving is painful, to see those who are unable to detach continue to try to feed a system that is dying can be a challenge but it cannot be met with the same frequencies that are dissolving. All that happens is that a holding pattern is created, this holding pattern may at times push you to the edge of your sanity and that is how the old 3d earth reality was CREATED.  Many of you may resonate with moving into the heart space and FEELing that all is well despite what is happening around you. To try to move into the chaos that is the logical mind for many of you may feel like torture and there is a reason for this.
You now have a comparision, for those who have not “awoken” and by this I simply mean by those who are unable to move into the heart space, there is no comparision. To this section of the human race life is life, they have nothing to compare what they are experiencing with so they are unaware of how painful 3d earth reality is in TRUTH. A bit like walking the earth with a stone in your shoe, if you have no recollection of the stone not being there you will hobble on, you will adjust your walking to take into consideration the pain that the stone causes but chances are you would never take the stone out of your shoe as you have no memory of it not being there. This is what is now unfolding across and within planet earth and is driving much of the chaos.
I get much feedback from my work, the majority of it is what may be described as “positive”, the rest of it is from people who have never taken the opportunity to move into the heart, they are defending the system regardless unable to see that if my work triggers something within them then perhaps they should look further. It matters not to me their comments for I am not them, I do not live the life they do, they live it. So if they wish to lash out then perhaps life is not all it appears to be? The logical mind trying to teach that by attacking and silencing me then life will be ok again.  This is not TRUTH for everything that is created around you comes from WITHIN YOU so silencing me will make no difference to the creation of their life. This is what is hidden in plain view and is filtered out by the emotions that drive this behaviour. In a world that is dissolving in order to recreate itself then anger is the weapon of choice for the old 3d earth. When did you ever make a heartfelt decision in the middle of extreme anger??
It is not possible for the frequency of anger (which is always fear in disguise) is such that it will keep you out of the heart space. The only way to align with your SOUL and to live in peace, harmony, love and joy is to invoke the heart space. ALL else is born out of logic and as many of you are now experiencing first hand, logic has no place in the New Earth.
These energies will continue to anchor and to expand, for those of you who are holding on tightly to the old 3d earth it cannot survive, the frequency too low to exist in the New Earth energy signature of Mother Earth but you dont need to take my word for it, CHANGE is inevitable, for those who look to what is termed “spirituality” and shake their heads the events over the next few linear weeks will show without a doubt that the human race are evolving. All that is not TRUTH has to be illuminated prior to this, you cannot dissolve something you cannot see. So you can take all the corruption that is now being seen and view it from two different “viewpoints”, you can align with the 3d earth and allow it to teach you that yes everything is corrupt and out with your power or you can take it as evidence that now it is out in the open then you can see how it was created and therefore work to DISSOLVE IT.  Both viewpoints are there, your energy signature will determine which one you choose.  EMPOWERMENT is your choice at all times, you cannot be fully in your power without seeing the whole picture that is now unfolding but the old 3d earth will try to persuade you to FALL into your anger and give your power away. The old 3d earth has no power only that which is handed to it. I would guide you to take back your power by understanding that as YOU create this your human life experience then you have full control over how you REACT to it. ALL is frequency and all is vibration. 
It is not what you say that determines the outcome of all that is in your life, it is how you FEEL, as soon as you begin to work with how you FEEL then all changes, up until this point the old earth will continue to show you the smoke and mirrors that trigger your anger, fear and isolation. For moving into the heart space will show you CONNECTION beyond anything, but this is not something the human logical mind can provide for you, the logical mind does not FEEL,  only the heart FEELs and the old 3d earth will try to keep you out of this space as long as it can.
LOVE is the answer, no matter the question – but LOVE is found in the heart space never in the logical mind. To anchor LOVE you need to open your heart, release the tears, the fear, the anxiety and all that you have been taught to store there in order to move in fully. A bit like emptying a house prior to moving in. Many of you are trying to move house whilst ignoring the stuff that is already in the house. ONLY when it has been emptied can you see how big it is, the HEART is vast and it expands at all times. I would guide you to allow it to empty in order to fill up with the LOVE that IS…. from this all else flows.
(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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