Friday, July 25, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Your Body is your Greatest Treasure

Méline: Many know Bob Fickes as a respected clear and amazing channeler and pioneer in this Ascension gateway.  I discovered Bob his channelings of Merlin almost 15 years ago and I simply LOVE how clear he channels Merlin aka as Saint Germains incarnation in the times of King Arthur.  As I was listening to his tapes again of channeling Merlin, I re-discovered his new website and his postings and will be sharing some of his postings with you from now on.  He simply is amazing! 
All my life I felt strange to be in this body. I couldn’t relate to being born in America! I loved my parents but I couldn’t relate to them. I certainly couldn’t understand my friends.
I was a stranger in a strange land!
After I started to meditate I felt more comfortable with this strange land and its people. Now my body served a purpose! It was necessary to have a body in order to meditate and this body seemed to be just the right tool I needed.
But it was still just a body and that meant it was not really me. I was something else. I was not this body. I was just the driver.
Then I met the Ascended Masters and everything changed!
The first thing that the Masters told me was that I had been Enlightened before. This body was a perfect tool for me to use in this life. They said, “Deep inside of this body, hidden inside of your DNA are tools that you will need for the spiritual work you want to do.”
This was a radical message for me to receive! How is it possible? This body is American and my soul is from Asia.
The Masters said, “This body once was used by your ancestors over a million years ago. At that time it had abilities that you will need today. These abilities were forgotten thousands of years ago, but they remain here in your DNA waiting for you to awaken them! This body has everything you need. Now go and do your work. No worry!”
After I wrote the message yesterday to all of you, I received so many wonderful comments that my heart was bursting. Then it happened! I felt something waking up inside of me.
At first I thought that it was ancient knowledge from my soul. But no! It was something from deep inside this body! Exactly as the Masters had predicted! This body has abilities that I never thought it had!
Each of you will be waking up more and more. As you do, you will realize that all the tools you need are already inside of you. You must love this body and take very good care of it.
It is not only your Temple for meditation. It is your instrument for all of your spiritual work! It is the most precious gift you own. Love your self. Love your body. And say:
“Thank you for being here and bringing me to this day. I will do my best and open my consciousness to the infinite. I will love this body and my life more than I have ever done before! Out of all the possible births and all the possible bodies, I chose this one! I am truly blessed! Thank you!”
Now I know this is true! I want to say thank you for all your comments and inspiration! You have helped me to open to a new level of understanding and appreciating my life! Bless you all!

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