Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Message from Merlin

Well Greetings and Blessings my friends! This I, the Merlin!
And I am here to tell you about the stars. All stars are beings of light! They are fully conscious beings and they radiate their light beams throughout the universe like a Cosmic Nervous System. As the stars connect together in an alignment, the Cosmic Nervous System wakes up and stimulates all living beings that are close to that alignment. This is called a Cosmic Power Feeding.
You have received many of these this year, particularly from the Master planet of Jupiter. We can say that this planet is the Tanden or Hara of your Solar System. When Jupiter lights up and becomes aligned with other planets, your own nervous system is stimulated with Cosmic Energy called Kundalini. You are all rising into a new dimension of consciousness and the cells of your body are realigning with the energy of this Universe.

You are waking up! You are starting to notice things in your life more than before. You are becoming more conscious and more sensitive then before. Your heart wants more now than before and you are going to get it. The Universe is in a new program perfectly designed to change the energy on planet Earth.
Let me send you some magical stars tonight! I will send violet and magenta stars to all of you while you are either meditating or sleeping. This will bring a soothing influence to the push and pull of Mars. Mars is an aggressive planet for massive transformation. It is so strong that your first reaction is to worry and try to stop it. Don’t worry my friends! Tonight I send you the magical stars to help you to see more from your heart and your higher consciousness. Sleep well tonight! A lot will be happening in your dreams. They are just dreams so enjoy the shift in your energy. Bless you! I Am the Merlin.

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