Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saint Germain through Valerie Donner: Use the Violet Flame


Dear Ground Crew,

Here we are in 2013 and I wouldn’t exactly call these changing times easy. The challenges that we are having are quite intense. The big focus seems to be health issues or with relationships. Everyone gets to clean up the past, let go of the baggage and start anew. The health issues can be serious. Several people I know are facing the Big “C” and one person might be making her transition as I write.

We get to choose whether we are going to live in love or fear. Fear is an old 3D energy. It no longer fits with the fourth dimension or higher. Longstanding issues are up for divine resolution. Some people who do not want to live in the higher vibration of love are leaving. Even some Lightworkers are facing their big concerns with emotions such as anger and lack of forgiveness.
The soul gets to choose. Some of these problems should have been dealt with much earlier in the incarnation but now by the grace of God we get to deal with them again. We cannot take these lower vibrational energies into the higher dimensions with us.

This morning (April 12, 2012) the Master St.Germain came to me. He wants to tell you a few things so here he is:

Greetings, I am St. Germain. I am here to help you. You are trying to do too much entirely on your own without the assistance of the Light Realms. This includes the Masters and the Archangels and Angels. It is important that you maintain contact with us for we are present to guide you and protect you along the ascension pathway.

Going through the ascension process can be unraveling. Everything in your outlook can shift. It can awaken you to the core of your being. The energies of this shift are new and many of you are lost about what to do. You are paving a new trail to higher consciousness and a lot of the old must be discarded. It has cluttered up your lives for long enough. It is time to clean out every room in your house and every thought and feeling that are not in accordance with the higher vibration of Love and Light. This could apply to relationships, places of employment, financial issues, old relationships that are no longer serving you, old wardrobes that no longer fit or feel like the person that you are now, health issues, whatever might be holding you back in any way.

I am the Master of Alchemy. You can call upon me to make the alchemical changes you need in your life to move forward with ease and peace. There is too much going on right now for you to ignore or avoid what is placed in front of you for divine resolution. It is a joint process. We work with you and you work with us. The ascension process is all around you, within you, and is occurring in all of creation. The Earth is not singled out as a place of change. You just happen to be in the hot spot where the Light is most needed. That is why you are being given the utmost assistance to change your consciousness.

Whatever feels like a void or without a solution will be resolved. Right now it might not be totally clear but trust me that you are still moving forward towards the desired end. All will result in peace, love, harmony and joy. The time of attachment to the old 3D world is over. This applies to everyone even if they are not choosing to evolve. This fact will make it even more uncomfortable for these souls. It could accelerate their desires to leave their incarnations so please do not be surprised to see more souls leaving.

As the Light continues to accelerate on the planet numerous gains will be made for the highest good of all. No longer will the select few be able to contain the truth and what is best for everyone. Personal gain without regard for others will become passé and that includes the need for respect and love for the Earth.

Please remember to use my Violet Flame for transmutation for whatever is dragging you down. Imagine a fire with flames of violet. Put whatever you need into this flame and let it go.

Use the Violet Flame

Poem by Valerie Donner

Use the Violet Flame to let things go.
It is more powerful than you could know.
If there is karma
Flame it purple.
If there is anger
Put it in flame.
If you need resolution
Ask for an end to the game.
Burn the past
In the Violet Flame.
Use it often.
You have lots to gain.
St. Germain gave us this gift.
Use it frequently now
To handle all your rifts.
The Violet Flame is for transmutation.
You can use it for all of your earthly solutions.

© 2013 The Ground Crew

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