Monday, April 8, 2013

The Pleiadians ~ Be brave and excell in your tasks at hand for they are very significant and they play an important part ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont


The Pleiadians

The first contacts with us become ever more real and truthful due to the way you are evolving now. Gigantic leaps have been taken by the collective, partly thanks to the numerous lightworkers who never gave up hope remaining in their power and who continued passionately creating a strong basis for cooperation. We say to you : thank you, all those ones who have kept working so profoundly deep and who persevered with their missions. It will really all be worth your while, this is generally understood and known.

There are several ways of contacting us, some of you already have been able to establish a direct contact with us such as for instance through telepathic connection and even through direct visual contacts in their own reality. However, most forms of contact pass by unconsciously but that is now changing gradually into a more conscious contact, such as the contacts that are made in the dreamstate.

Many collective hearts still choose this way of communication as it feels comfortable to them. We are in agreement over this and we proceed not only with what is expected from us from the Cosmic Order but also with the actual contacts with you and the merging with us. We call this merging with us your “vindication”, where you come to a point  in which you return to your true Self. We are your higher aspect and your future Self in the real time that you call the “future”; we have stated this fact in many previous messages.

We are approaching “full contact” and are working tirelessly on the possible effects that they will have in your collective world. We explicitly take everyone of you into account, we also take the collective of humanity, still holding dormant souls, into account. Rest assured that the time does not stand still and this applies also to our actions and the energies we all invest in this TOGETHER with all of you.

A consensus has already been reached on the scope of our language and of ourselves towards you and what we shall bring and offer to your world. The first thing we gladly would bring is an offer of Love and peace all over the world. This applies to everyone and everything on your planet and it is our greatest conviction that the hearts of humanity will be most grateful for this and really wouldn’t want anything else on this planet.

Nevertheless, this is our biggest concern and requires lots of energy as still up to this day there are too many disputes over power and ego, over separation. Ominous warmongering is still on the table and that is totally unacceptable, it can no longer be tolerated in your current and higher world. It has to do with the very last dormant souls who still dwell in their delusion but who will be shaken up quite boisterously.

Be thankful for who you are and for what you have already experienced, seen and felt so far. Be grateful for knowing and helping one another, for cherishing each other and for cooperating together. There is nothing as wondrous as what is now taking place on this beloved Gaia. Behold the blessing and the opportunity in everything as it is an extremely blessed and special process. Admittedly, this global Ascension and reformation of your world is a rather difficult and harsh school of learning, but it will all be worth it in the end.

You are truly the pioneers of Ascension, you are the new world leaders, all of you as One! You are now a more pure and clear collective unit with all your aspects and your Being. You bring renovations to this world, you bring this world out of duality, so go ahead and wait no longer. Get out of your lazy chairs on which you have adopted a waiting pose and see the world as it is. Declare your own freedom, embody your true Self once again and step forward into the world of manifestation and of multidimensional Being. Do not delay any longer, as we can only wait for you to be ready pushing yourselves into full consciousness and into your higher reality.

We are present with you and for you! Together we will work and build on the manifestation of a new world. This is what you are currently doing and the time is right. Let us tear down the last vestiges of duality, wait no longer but take action! Do not wait for the messages nor for the messengers to do it for you; be realistic and look from your heart to find out how far things have evolved. Help where necessary, use your talents and enrichments and avail yourselves of your wonderful energy and Light to assist all this and guiding it to a blissful and perfect outcome for the entire collective of humanity.

You are so close and we are near to all of you: this is a fact and not a fiction! It only pertains to understanding and viewing things from a different stance : from your heart and your inner core, not from the outer world nor from scenes playing out there. It is from within that we attune and adjust, it is from within that we extract all our knowledge and where we duly find ourselves. Be brave and excell in your tasks at hand for they are very significant and they play an important part. We supervise your safety and that of Gaia, but we also keep on working with hope in our hearts on our first real contacts with all of you! Ultimately this all is in your hands, do not let us down, but especially do not let yourselves down.

We love you with all of our hearts and we hope and know that we shall see you soon and that you will be able to see us in your reality. For several years we are already amongst you. Many of you are us while others are different "species" of Light and are Galactic brothers and sisters. We all form one entirety, representing the entire Cosmos and we all are part of the Cosmos.

Remain now the hopeful and joyful souls that you essentially are and enjoy everything that you do, that you bring and that you think. Be kind and happy and lift yourselves out of the rut and the depressing emotions of duality! See yourself radiating again and see how your tintillating energies reach out and share their bliss with every heart on Earth. Godspeed, our beloveds. Be blessed and beautiful for that is what you are, each and everyone of you!

The Pleiadians

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  1. Lovely message! I wish I could remember my contacts. Peace, flow.
    Michael Stardolphin.

    1. Thank you Michael :) Much Love sweet dolphin brother

  2. Great message, totally get it. We are to fulfill our higher purpose here, that's what I see. Thanks!

    1. My pleasure, they all Love us so!!! Much blessings, Méline ♥

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