Monday, April 22, 2013

Jared Ayden ~Nu Kobalan: Find your balance and keep moving ahead

20 april 2013
Nu Kobalan

Be careful (emphasis on 'care') what you choose. You literally have endless posibilities to choose from. What you see in your reality today is what the collective has chosen in the past, you change your future in the now by deciding what you focus on.

Everything in your reality can be used both for good or for bad, these are the opposites of one and the same. The outcome of good or bad is always progress, both are excellent means to grow, learn, evolve or whatever you would like to name it.

You have witnessed belief systems you yourself held crumble, without there being anything to replace them. Be at ease with this, for it is necessary to disconnect some ingrained neural pathways. This is what we mean when we say this system is coming apart at the seams. 

When there is nothing you can hold on to or fall back on, you will have to dig deep to be able to stand on your own two feet. When you have no certainty left, you will come up with answers that will not enslave you again.

Again, everything can be used for both good or bad, it is what you choose/decide to focus on that shapes the future. Acknowledge what is reality today, closing your eyes to that is not going to aid in your collective progress, neither is putting reality under a microscope and loosing the rest of the picture.

Find your balance and keep moving ahead into the future of your choosing.

With love,

*Last couple of weeks the dismantling of one tiny belief system has led to the falling away of much, dare I say almost all, steady ground. In fact it was Earth herself that was still one constant that didn't fall over! So the advice to ground/center yourself is indeed a very important one.

It is something I suspect we will all be encountering, the awakened and the sleepers alike. I now know again what it feels like when that happens. I've had it happening to me a couple of times before and it is truly unsettling, because all of a sudden not just your knowledge, your worldview, but also all of your memories will be seen in a whole different light. 

Question everything! Especially those things you take for granted. Follow only your heart, your intuition, your own experience, your intention, for everything else might just be an illusion... and don't take mý word for it!

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