Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Andy Bojarski: What You Should (And Should Not) Be Eating


When you have a proper nutritious diet, it helps you spiritually.  You can connect better with spirit, with your angels and with your spirit guides.  You feel lighter.  A proper nutritious diet contains more life energy in the foods that you eat.
This also allows your etheric body to be in great shape, not depleted or congested of energy, thus allowing your physical body to be healthy.  This will allow your aura to radiate with life.
A proper diet basically means that the food that you eat needs to be nutritious and clean, both physically and etherically.  You should always wash your food before you eat it.  You should also always bless your food before you eat it.  You should always thank Mother Earth for providing food for you to eat as well as Mother / Father God.

Make sure that the food you eat is physically clean from germs, toxins and any pesticides and chemicals.  Organic food is best.  Pesticides and chemicals contained in the food you eat contaminate the food and do not make the food etherically clean.  Etherically dirty food causes your energy and chakras to be etherically dirty making it harder to connect with Spirit.
Avoid any meat, especially pork (yes, that means bacon) as it contains etherically dirty energy.  Avoid fish as well and any seafood.  Meat contains a lot of karma in it as animals are killed.  Animals are not placed on Earth to be killed as food.  When an animal is killed and you eat the meat from that animal, the karma of that kill is in the meat that you eat.
Remember that all energy is transferable.  And by you eating meat, you are ingesting that karma and that energy of the dying animal and the person that killed the animal.  This can get even worse if the animal is fed with food that has pesticides and chemicals in it.
The bottom line is that if you can, become a vegetarian and eliminate all meat from your diet.  Your body will thank you for it and you will connect better spiritually.
Fruits and vegetables have energy in them that is clean and healthy.  Fresh food has a lot more life force and energy than any preserved or packaged food.  Avoid any foods that are packaged.  Avoid eating any fast foods.  Avoid drinking sodas, diet or otherwise.  Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol.
Herbal teas are OK.  Drink lots of water.  Avoid drinking tap water as it has fluoride in it.  Try to have your water filtered as much as possible.  The best things to eat are vegetables.
The greener color the vegetables are, the better they are for you, as the more life energy they contain.  You can get your protein from vegetables.  Avoid anything that comes from animals that is processed.  Avoid cheese and milk.  Eggs are OK as is bee pollen.  Breads are also OK in moderation.  Rice is good as well.
The bottom line is this:  Do not eat meat, do not eat fast foods, do not eat milk products (yogurt, milk, dairy, ice cream, butter, etc…), and do not eat processed foods out of boxes.  So what is left?  Do eat lots and lots of vegetables and fruit.  Eat lots of nuts, legumes and beans.  Do drink lots and lots of water and always bless your food before you eat it.
Anything in moderation is OK.  Have that candy, that chocolate, but have it in moderation.  Thank Father / Mother God and Mother Earth for the food that you have that you are about to eat.  Do become a vegetarian.
I know this may be hard for a lot of people to give up bacon, steak, chicken, ice cream, etc.  But it is best for you in the long run from a karmic perspective and from a physical health prospective.  Eating vegetables and fruit will build up your energy in both your etheric and physical body.
This will help prevent your physical body from having health problems and you will be happier and your body will thank you for it.
Take care of your body that houses your soul.  You would clean your home when it is dirty.  Why not clean your body from the etheric dirt as well?  Meat is dirty as is processed food and all the other items mentioned above.  Just avoid them altogether.  Once you become a vegetarian, see how your meditations increase.  You will see more, you will sense more, you will feel more and you will be more alive!!
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