Monday, April 22, 2013

Kryon - World Affairs - 4/20/13 by Anna Merkaba

Kryon State of the World - 4/20/13
Tragedies around the globe are happening daily, what we are trying to tell you children of the light is not to fear that which you cannot fear, for there is no fear and there are only lessons. Yes indeed it is true that many here hurt and a many families are in agony, but this should only bring all of you closer together, join together in meditation, send out love and light into the world, and do not let any of this affect you in a negative way.
Do not give into fear, for fear will render you useless and allow those that are in control to achieve exactly what they are looking to do, and that is to get YOU the light workers out of the game. The more you give into the news of terror, agony and anger, the more in terror you are, the less you will achieve.  Know that this is simply a part of the times that you are in now, and as we have prepared you months before, that such events would unfold, they still will.
Prepare yourselves, do not let yourself give into fear, do not let yourselves give into sorrow, for if you the light workers of the world do so, then there is no hope for humanity anymore! Know how powerful you are! Know that no matter what, no matter the fire, no matter the obstacles, no matter the darkness, you WILL walk into the light and take the rest of humanity with you!

Focus on the positive, do not give into what the media is trying to do. You are here to focus on the light, on the positives, and on the love and light that you hold within you and spread it into the world!
Once again, we will say this onto you, that it is NOW the time for you to reunite once again, and to stand together as ONE, and to continue shining your light, even if it seems that you are being engulfed in darkness. For you are not. Do not tremble, do not waver, for all that you are seeing … is NOT what it truly is.

As we have been updating you through various other channels around the world… things ARE moving in the direction of the light.. for you are to remain strong , powerful and enlightened ! Notice the little changes that are taking place.. notice how each and every day there are those that are awakened to the light and the truth , yes dear children THE TURTH  of life and love and light. The TRUTH of the power that you all hold within you. The TURTH is slowly but surely seeping into the heart of those that are join your circle of light, the truth is within you, the truth is within the humanity, and it is so, and so it is.
We leave you now with a final message. We are watching the earth and we are doing all that we can without completely intervening and taking over. As you have seen there is a lot that has already been done by the collective consciousness, and it is not us that have been doing all the work of removing the dark entities form the earth fields, but you the children of the light who are the ground crew.
Understand that nothing is going to happen overnight. Understand that we have been working on removing the darkness form the earth for many many years. There are those among you who are now in their 50’s and 60's who  are the first ones to have arrived on the planet to assist in the transition, and so, understand how long It has taken. But now you are finally in a stage of massive changes. Understand that all that is happening in the world, the rapid changes are that are happening are of YOUR doing.
Focus on the light and love, and that is, what you shall create in your world. Keep shining your light.
We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now
© Channeled by Anna Merkaba, Psychic, Medium, Healer (Human, Pet & otherwise), Channeler.

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