AARaphael-II(Translated on the 27.04.2013, original language German)
Today we continue with the topic healing. Again and again you come to a point where you doubt yourself and your possibilities. This is something you have to experience over and over again here on earth. You must understand that this is part of your lessons.

Lessons are essential for you to grow and to learn. God experiences himself through you. You are an aspect of god himself. This knowledge you always have to hold in your heart.
It is important to understand, that you are able to throw out everything absolutely everything overboard and to let go of the old mind set.

They are no longer useful to you and you can give them to the violet flame of my brother St. Germain. He will help you to dissolve the old mind setting. They have been a faithful companion for a long time. Now is the time for you to throw the old patterns and the old mind setting overboard. Everything that has been told by the media, church and the public was aimed to increase their profit. This setting will soon fall apart, since the light is really bringing anything and everything to collapse. The important trigger point is reached.
Some more details to do and it can BEGIN.

A process will be set in motion, which will show that a higher force is at work. A higher force which serves humanity and not for the profit of a single individual on Mother Earth. Soon you’ll see it’s finally here and you will arrive at the finish line, this is something I can promise you. I’m so excited for myself to see it finally manifest.

It will be a wondrous time, what will happen to you, to all of us. There will be a time that I can serve you directly and without this channel. This channel will also carry out other tasks with many other people on Mother Earth. There will be tasks that will help all of you to get back your sovereignty. You will realize that there are many starseeds that will come your way to help. They will train you, guide you, and you will be helped on the way to a new future. You’ll see it will make a lot of fun when you are reconnected to your divinity. You will have access to knowledge, which is far beyond your imagination. It will be a pleasure to rediscover these new or just old and forgotten skills and to use for yourself and humanity again. In the next days you will get a clear signal, which will clearly show that it has begun.
The divine starting signal was given.

It’s time to get going. The wait is over and you can finally say we are coming home. Home to our Creator, our Father.
Your Archangel Raphael
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