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Dennis ~ Are We Ready? ~ 8 April 2013

are we ready

(Dennis sent his article to me via e-mail to get it published.  It is about embracing both polarities to get things back into balance. So there is enough work to be done. Thanks Dennis for your contribution. Love and Light, Lucas)

Are we ready?
For over a year I have been reading messages that the changes we are so desperately awaiting will come ‘soon’, ‘swiftly’, ‘in the days ahead’. Some regrettable delays have occurred since but the victory of the light is imminent and inevitable. We are at the threshold of a loving world full of joy and abundance. Since everything seems to be in place to remove the slavery system imposed on us by the dark ones, we only need the final signal from heaven, so we are told. 
But why does it take so long?

Why does it seem an endless wait with hardly any result?
Why is heaven not sounding the horn yet?
The dark ones tirelessly and without obstructions seem to go on with their business as usual although some messages are seeping through that arrests are being made and some people need to stand trial. Meanwhile we are urged to ground ourselves and to look inside in our heart space. To ready ourselves to be able to help the other people in these rather chaotic times by explaining and educating them and showing our own lights.
While I was on my way to work the other day I dreamt about the imprisonment of the bad guys, locking them up in golden prison cells, with blue ceilings with painted chemtrails, beds made of piles of worthless bank notes, feeding them lots of GMO hamburgers, sugar free chewing gum and fluorized water. On first thought it seemed like a real nice soft treat considering what they have done to us. But then for the first time I realized that was really a retalliation dream, a very 3D thought, an expression of frustration and anger. If we are to enter an Age of love and light aren’t we the ones that should act accordingly?
To me negative thoughts, fighting, anger and revenge are part of the anklebiters trap. The dark ones spent ages trying to convince us we should be fighting each other. Divide and conquer. That’s how they distracted us from how they were misbehaving. That’s how they wanted us to behave so that we would not realize our own power. And that’s how they treated and divided us. It is the ultimate 3D illusion. So even now we are programmed to think in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’.
If you look at life or this reincarnation as an illusionary play for which each of us has chosen his or her role, a soul contract if you will, you will have to admit they played their role extremely well. Their perseverence and commitment is beyond imagination. 
Our role was to educate ourselves to what is the true reality, to find our true power and to help ourselves and others expand their conciousness for entering into the new world of joy, abundance, love and light. We did not do very bad either although we seem less patient and persevering than the self proclamed elite. And who knows, maybe we were bad guys once ourselves in another embodiment/time.
I believe the bigger picture is that the play we were all supposed to act in was meant for experience. For us and for our source to discover the depth of duality and the ultimate boundaries of lack of light and love. We willingly and lovingly took part in that play and we each picked our own role. And then we got so committed to our role that we forgot we were actors in an illusionary play. We simply do not remember.
Whether we like it or not the dark ones are sparkles of the same source we originate from ourselves. Do you think they will be less loved by a caring, loving Mother-Father God if they are expressions from that same source? If they fulfilled their contract as agreed?
So what do we need to do? Ignore them? Let them continue their play?
Of course not. We need to stop the play. We need to remember our true absolute reality.
We need to realize what our power and our value are. What we BE and what we DO. We need to become the loving ones we truly are. Sparkles of the divine.
I think, apart from a small number that is damaged beyond repair, most of these souls need our help to regain their lights. Once they start realizing what damage and suffering they caused they are the ones that will need a lot of care from their family, from us. Once we understand that we chose our actors role and we accept our own responsability for choosing that role we will be able to heal ourselves and the bad guys. Then we will acknowlegde that they were the crooks in the play but eternal essence in reality. So they need healing and loving forgiveness too.
I bet they are shitting their pants every day now for fear of the outcome. They see our power building day by day. They fear us because they think we are going to do what they would do to us. So are we going to cut them to pieces, fry them, freeze them and feed them to the wild dogs? Would that prospect lead to their peaceful surrender? The cat won’t jump in the bag if it is cornered and scared.
We have another option, a loving one. That is to ask them to stop the play, jail them and then educate them on the truth and the reality. Comfort them when they go through the worst possible crisis ever and lighten their sparkle. Forgive them for what they have done and thank them for the excellent performance and the valuable lesson they taught us. After all, it was just a play…
We are heading for a wondrous world of love and abundance. We should prepare and adjust ourselves to behaviour that resonates with such a world. That is the work we have to do within. I think our Mother-Father God will ring the bell at the moment enough of us agree on this, the perfect moment. So, are we ready?
With absolute love and gratitude

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