Saturday, November 30, 2013

Karen Doonan ~ Drowning or diving to swim deeply?
The energies of the last linear 24 hours or so have increased, expanded and deepened beyond anything anyone has ever experienced in this their human form. On a personal level I have gone through many emotions from the heightening and expansion of my energy signature, realising on many levels all that is now playing out and the context of it to the deepest depths of emotions that have lain hidden within me. Balance is the key at this time and at this time I am trying to find balance in a world that is shaking to its very core.
For those of you who know me personally you will understand that the “old” me gave, I would continually give out my energy for others with no thought to me and my own energy. That is no longer the case and this is triggering many at this time. For many connect with me and instantly expect me to solve their lives for them, that is not my role nor would I wish it to be. I am here to experience life on this planet and shine LIGHT upon and within this planet, at no point in my “job description” did it state “wear yourself out”.  I am not stating this in a client context but in a PERSONAL relationship context. For there are many around me who are attempting to keep me in a world that I can no longer resonate with.
In order to share a life with me then those who know me personally are asked to leave the old 3d earth paradigms and join me in the New Earth, I no longer resonate with any of the old 3d earth paradigms and many who state they also do not, actually do. My actions triggering many around me just now and something that I will not bend upon for I cannot be anyone other than me.  I am not here as part of a jigsaw puzzle that requires me to fit in with the old 3d earth paradigms, it is the exact opposite. Those who know me personally know that I carry a frequency that begins to dissolve ANY 3d earth paradigm that is within others on connection to them.This is something that happens when I connect and is also the reason for my incarnation upon this planet.
At a human conscious waking mind level I have to detach from all who play the games of the old 3d earth, many play the games without realising they do, for everyone who states they are free but continues to live within the “rules” of the old 3d earth, going to work, getting up, running around like a headless chicken for everyone else and stating they wish to live in the New Earth there are those who LIVE in that reality and who wish to anchor this reality. Those who continue to hold on to the old 3d earth way of living are trying to anchor something that is not real and is not TRUTH so are in effect preventing themselves from experiencing the very reality they dream of.
The chaos that is unfolding is set to INCREASE dramatically as emotions are frequencies and many are allowing their emotions to hold them in place. Letting go is a phrase that I use often and it is often misinterpreted.  Letting go is interacting with all that life places before you but detaching from the outcome, not pouring emotion after emotion through it, worrying about it and fretting over it. This is a TAUGHT response and one that many are at this time trying to place upon me over and over again. I am not here to help you anchor this response, I am here to show you how to dissolve this response.
At this time I take time out from these blogs, I am not in a position to write any further publicly to a world that seems intent on holding tightly on to a conditioned response at this time. I will continue to offer my services to my clients, those who are ready to leave the old 3d earth reality and those who need further energetic support to make the transition.
ALL ARE ONE and ALL have a choice as to which reality they wish to create. At this time of vast upheaval upon and within planet earth I can no longer publicly carry the weight that has been placed upon me by others. I release ALL at this time and focus on manifesting that which is within my HEART space for only the HEART KNOWS TRUTH.
ALL is not as it appears upon and within this planet at this time. Those who have TAUGHT the rules of living on this planet to the human race stand on the very edge of existence, that which will tip them over the edge is SELF BELIEF, this is something that is borne WITHIN YOU and is not dependant on those around you.  UNTIL you can anchor this then the emotional games that are played upon this planet will continue and you will continue to play the game with them until you recognise that you are playing a game and that there are in TRUTH NO RULES.
(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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  1. I have a similar experience right now, so thanks for sharing and putting words on these processes. It's important to express the human side effects of the current energies, not only their greatness on a spiritual level.