Sunday, November 17, 2013

Karen Doonan ~ The BIRTH of the NEW EARTH in TRUTH in human waking “reality”
Many of you may have woken up this morning and FELT that something significant had occurred and yet be a little confused as to “what” as the world “appears” to look the same as when you went to bed. Except that it is no longer VIBRATIONALLY the same for the outer waking reality in which the human vehicle walks has now been moved into the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.  This statement may also appear initially to make little sense for surely the UNIVERSE of 3 is already around planet earth, so why would it take this “length of time” for the human life experience to “catch up”?

Those of you who work with energy will recognise that ALL is created and manifest in the higher dimensional timelines and spaces before “dripping” through into the physical reality that the human vehicle walks within. Imagine if you will how your plans are manifest, you get an idea, that idea is then manifest on the emotional and etheric planes, then as you pour more and more energy into the “idea” it begins to manifest in your physical reality. “Physical” at all times being part of the illusion of the human life experience on this planet for in TRUTH nothing is solid, all is a reflected form of energy that appears very solid for the human vehicle to walk within.
The FULL MOON is the release of the old 3d earth paradigm FREQUENCIES, these frequencies are now no longer available to manifest within. I have touched on this in previously blogs, what changes now is the ability that YOU have to manifest your DREAM in TRUTH. This will see the New Earth energetic frequencies fully anchor within YOUr human vehicle from cellular level outwards. For many of you over the lead up to the full moon may have had various “symptoms”, from sore heads to bloating, to the need for extreme amounts of sleep, all working to release the lower dimensional frequencies that were anchored under the old 3d earth paradigms within your human vehicle.
YOUr outer waking reality is YOUrs and is PERSONAL to YOU. No one else can comment in TRUTH on this outer waking reality for YOU are creating it.  YOU are pouring the LOVE that IS through it and are creating it, this has led to the birth of the DREAM in the higher dimensional timelines and may have seen many of you fall in frequency as the old 3d earth paradigms pulled out all the stops to make you believe that YOUr dream is just out of reach.  This filtered out TRUTH in relation to the need for the outer waking reality to be moved into the UNIVERSE OF 3, this required Mother Earth to heighten and expand her energetic signature to support the birth of the DREAMS of ALL of the human race.  This required the deep cleansing that has resulted in the extreme weather and extreme emotional release that many of you have experienced over the past few linear waking days.
Until Mother Earth reached this level of energetic signature the DREAMS may have appeared solid but perhaps not solid enough to fully manifest in your outer waking reality.  This is the movement and walk in TRUST and FAITH of SELF that I have repeated constantly. For only by keeping your energetic signature HIGH can you move the DREAM into the New Earth in TRUTH. I would highlight the DREAM is PERSONAL. For many of you who share the social network platforms with Crystalline Sanctuary and who know me personally may have been taken aback by my recent personal announcement.  LOVE JUST IS and I AM.  LOVE is real and it is birthed for ALL upon and within planet earth.  The work done to anchor and to manifest my DREAM in TRUTH has taken some linear time but I have always been asked to walk in FAITH and TRUST of SELF and I have done.
The universe has placed the most amazing person in my life and one who has shown me over and over that my DREAM is REAL.  I have walked a path that many have told me is a “brave” one but it is one that I chose to walk before I incarnated into this human vehicle.  I have walked in the lower dimensional realities in order to understand and to accept that they were never TRUTH. The teachings from these walks have endured for lifetimes and the cleansing and clearing of said timelines has shown me TRUTH over and over.  For those who are still trying to teach me that I cannot have that which is manifest I ask you to look within. The outer waking reality is a direct reflection of that which is within your HEART.  My reality is my reality and is one that I choose to create, my personal human life experience born out of my desire to live in a world where LOVE IS the answer, no matter the question.  For many this is a huge trigger and many have tried to pull me out of focus and have tried to keep me contained within the old 3d earth paradigms but TRUTH JUST IS and I AM.
As an incarnate SOUL in human form upon planet earth my life experience is my life experience. For those who are on the very edges of my life who cannot accept who I am please understand that I cannot be who you try to create me to be.  I cannot change how you FEEL about me, only YOU can do this and that is your own personal walk in this YOUr personal human life experience.  I choose LOVE at all times and the manifestation of this is many fold.  I did not come to this human life experience to stay within the containing and suppressing paradigms that I was born into and I will continue to push the limits of this life experience in LOVE, for in TRUTH there are no rules, no limits, that which YOU DREAM you can CREATE and YOU can LIVE.
From this moment on the New Earth will now blossom like the flowers in spring time. BREATHE and BE for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.
(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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