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Karen Doonan ~ Cocoon to Butterfly

The movement from cocoon to butterfly (see yesterdays blog post) is one that is not without some “pain”.  This pain is SELF CREATED and is a residue, an echo if you will of the old 3d earth frequencies.  YOU have been TAUGHT that in human terms your life here on planet earth must follow a set of “rules”, these rules are frequencies, generated to keep you walking blind in a world that is gaining in brightness each moment to each moment.  Many of you at this time may FEEL that you have reached BREAKING POINT, this breaking point is but the shell of the cocoon beginning to break open. It is not possible to emerge from a cocoon that is sealed, the “sealing” of the cocoon the SAFE SPACE that is created by YOUr SOUL in order for you to undergo the transformation from one BEing to another, for in TRUTH you are morphing from CONTAINED human BEing to FREE human BEing,  (caterpillar to butterfly) the frequency change vast and the cocoon needed in order for the tranformation to take place.
Many of you may mistake what I do for a way to bypass this part of the process and I would state clearly that the breaking of the cocoon is the stage that I am in at this moment in time. The old 3d earth “appearing” to pull out all stops trying to slow me down and persuade me that life is not my creation and that ALL that I KNOW is not TRUTH.  From a personal human perspective it is challenging, for the KNOWING has increased, the telepathy between myself and those closest to me at a level never before experienced and yet still my human logical mind will try to pull out “references” to other situations, other people and other events as proof that I am “wrong” in how I FEEL.  The universe works at all times to SUPPORT and my current dissolving is unlike anything I have ever experienced before.
My guidance clearly to state this publicly to allow others to understand that they are not alone in this process. I no longer have the option of not living TRUTH, any time I try to manifest anything that is not my personal TRUTH I am prevented. This has seen me walk blind to my own behaviour at times and when the “lightbulb” moment hits it is painful.  I challenge everything in my human life experience and yet there are parts of mySELF who are intent on blinding me.  The inability that I seem to have at a human conscious waking mind level to accept that I CAN HAVE ALL that I have dreamed and can have it without FEAR of upsetting others. It almost creates a paradox, where I have to anchor TRUTH and TRUST in this TRUTH and yet am presented with such information that is in direct contrast to that which I KNOW that at times it appears TRUTH has hidden itself. The human logical mind unable to comprehend and human words NOT AVAILABLE to describe that which is playing out.  Talking and talking creating more paradoxes and yet underneath ALL is a KNOWING. Many of you may be able to relate to that which I am experiencing.
The dreamtime platform now expanding and confirming to me in various ways that which is playing out. I say “Playing” out for this is a gigantic play that we walk within on this planet. ALL is a CREATION of our SOUL and we get to CHOOSE, I cannot underline the CHOOSING enough.  TRUTH JUST IS and SOUL mission has a part to play but the wants and needs at human conscious waking mind level are NOW BLENDING with SOUL mission. It is now no longer appropriate to follow guidance blindly for YOU ARE CREATING and blending with said guidance.
Many talk of a “leap of FAITH” and yet this is now dissolving, many of you at this time believe that by only TRUSTing in SELF you can walk into the New Earth and somehow YOU are fulfilling “karma”, this is distortion, as I am now experiencing, if I do not blend my wants and needs with the bigger picture then a holding pattern unfolds where I am asked to state clearly that which I wish to experience. I cannot underline enough how much fear is unearthed when working with deeply held dreams and yet within this space that the New Earth is showing me is the cocoon the fear dissolves as soon as the actual need/want is expressed openly and clearly.
Many of you have spent your entire life hiding inside of SELF, never revealing to those even very close to you that which you dream in TRUTH, the hidden needs and wants that you wish to experience in this your human life experience. This is not TRUTH and not supported under the New Earth in any form, the NEED to be honest is vital for the human race is now moving into telepathy. Already I can FEEL when someone is lying to me but this becomes more tricky to work with when the person has no idea they are actually lying to themselves.  If this is left unchallenged  it would be unworkable, a world full of human BEings KNOWING what the other person FEELS and thinks and yet unable to comprehend the need to keep a part of SELF separate from the world would create more chaos than there is at this time.
It may seem to be a natural thing to do to hold back a “piece” of SELF, a little bit that no one else in the entire world sees but it is not TRUTH, it is not WHOLENESS and it is not natural. This was a created implant, created to section off yet more of SELF from the SOUL. This is not supported and any of you at this time who are attempting to hold back from those around you may find it becoming increasing challenging as YOUr SOUL creates opportunities for DEEP communication at ALL levels of YOUr BEing with those around you and especially with husbands/wives/partners. It is NOT TRUTH to simply share parts of your life with another human being, the sacred marriage that is often talked about and distorted upon planet earth is REAL. It is the joining FULLY of two SOULs on ALL levels of BEing, it serves no one to try to fool the human level into believing that ALL is shared when parts of SELF are held back no matter the apparent logical reason the human mind will try to create.
Many of you at this time may be challenged by this and certainly relationships that are not TRUTH, that are not SOUL level communions will now begin to dissolve, the old 3d earth unable to hide them any longer as TRUTH JUST IS.  It may FEEL very uncomfortable for in essence YOU are asked to bare YOUr SOUL at a human conscious waking mind level. Many are now trying to hold on where their SOUL is asking for RELEASE, ALL that is NOT TRUTH will dissolve, all that is will strengthen. It is to be noted that SOUL family, SOUL groups and SOUL partnerships (for want of labels, labels distorting this further) are now asked to be honoured and be manifest in the physical waking reality the human vehicle walks.
This may see many challenged and many triggered, hindsight has NO place to play in the New Earth and it is vital to acknowledge and realise that the old 3d earth CREATED reality was ONE life experience and the New Earth is a DIFFERENT ONE.  If you are awake and able to discern the difference between the two then YOUr SOUL is now asking YOU to walk in YOUr chosen REALITY.  As this is created from SOUL level and understood at human conscious waking mind level it appears to manifest back to front. It may make little logical sense to experience a very deep, close personal connection with a SOUL prior to meeting them physically and the human logical mind WILL TRY TO FILTER this out. In the old 3d earth paradigms you were TAUGHT that to “meet” a life partner you had to choose from 7 billion people alive on the planet and go through a process that involved connecting at a human physical level PRIOR to ALL other levels, this is NOT TRUTH and works against your energy signature.  ALL is manifest in higher dimensional timelines and levels and the physical manifestation is the last as it is the most dense of ALL vibrations involved.  The physical meeting and connecting the very last part of the process, the part of the process that SEALS THE BOND on ALL levels.
One look at the old 3d earth teachings in respect of human personal relationships shows the distortion.  The human energy system has a vital part to play in the connection between intimate partners, it must be connected on ALL levels to be TRUTH, to be physically aligned with a partner but not aligned on ALL other levels is not TRUTH.  The human energy systems combined of two partners (sex of each is irrelevant) combine two frequencies that have connected in the physical waking world FOR A REASON, this is to access higher dimensional frequencies that cannot be reached by either party alone. This is part of a larger unfolding and birth of a new reality through, around and within the human race. It is not a frequency exchange that creates sacrifice, in the UNIVERSE of 3, 1 + 1 =3.   ONE frequency connecting on ALL levels with another CREATES AN EXPANSIVE and DIFFERENT frequency.  This is hidden in plain view and the teachings of the old 3d earth work at all times in relation to intimate human relationships to TEACH SACRIFICE for a reason, to prevent these expanded frequency patterns being created.
At this time YOU are asked to look beneath the 3d overlays that are created in order to move YOU fully into place for the birth of the New Earth through YOU, around YOU and within YOU and to FEEL TRUTH.  Understand that YOUr SOUL is now SPEAKING to YOU at deepening levels. Under the old 3d earth it barely was able to whisper, now it SPEAKS, for some of you it may be SHOUTING.  ALL is not as it appears on this planet and this TRUTH will now show itself in technicolour.
(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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