Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Karen Doonan ~ Entering the STORM of transition in TRUTH
As the New Earth energies begin to align fully chaos will begin to unfold RAPIDLY, we are guided to place this information on our blog to help you prepare for the transition of the human race which will begin to rapidly unfold over the coming linear days. For the old 3d earth attempts to teach that the New Year and hence what some are calling the second year of the Age of Aquarius began on the 1st January 2014. This is distortion for it uses the calendar from the old 3d earth paradigms which is out of sync with the natural ebb and flow of universal energies. (For more information please visit theCrystalline Sanctuary website).
As many of you may now begin to FEEL the transition into the New Earth, the foundation year (2013 being the year of dissolving of the old 3d earth in TRUTH in preparation for the foundation laying of 2014 in a linear context) of the New Earth is only now beginning. Guidance is clearly that over the coming linear 7 days the energies will push for the New Earth to be created physically, it can only be created by dissolving the frequencies that are ALREADY running within you and that you may be blind to. The two frequencies, that is the old 3d earth frequencies and the New Earth frequencies are too far apart in their bandwidth to allow for them BOTH to run within your human vehicle. This at a human conscious waking mind level will see you descend into chaos if you attempt to create from both at the same time, you will be placed in a holding pattern that may see much frustration and anxiety begin to arise within.
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By letting go and allowing FLOW you will begin to move through the transition process, at all times be guided by how you FEEL and not by the ideas created from your human logical mind for they have NO reference point for all that will now begin to unfold around you, through you and within you. For those of you who have begun to align fully and have been recoded this process will see your creations begin to manifest into your outer waking reality.  The ability to manifest from the New Earth frequencies will begin to both deepen and expand into a multi dimensional reality. ONLY TRUTH is supported within the New Earth and ALL that is NOT TRUTH will begin to dissolve, this may see many of you in deep confusion if you are running a teaching that blinds, for you will see one thing at a human conscious waking mind level but will not be able to understand WHY it is not TRUTH.  It it vital to remember that YOUr SOUL is guiding you in the creation of a NEW REALITY, this is not just a shinier version of the existing reality, for NO part of the old 3d earth is TRUTH at any level. (For more information please see the Crystalline Sanctuary website).
There may be much disinformation that is now placed within human society for the old 3d earth paradigms are almost  dissolved, that which remains is but the residue that resides at cellular level within each human vehicle upon and within planet earth. It is YOUr responsibility at all times to address this residue within your human vehicle. Attempting to place “blame” externally is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth, all that will occur will be a descent into more chaos. For those of you who are now moving in frequency and have begun to understand this process at HEART level, guidance is clearly to hold the space for the human race as they enter a process that many cannot understand due to the frequency they hold at cellular level.
This is not to say that you allow others to control or influence your waking reality, quite the opposite, the energetic signature of Mother Earth now FULLY supports her children in TRUTH. YOU are asked to stand in your LIGHT and to BE. To understand that those around you who resonate with the old 3d earth energetic frequencies may be in deep frustration, their anger and fear comes from the frequencies they are running at cellular level and YOU are asked to have LOVE and compassion for ALL at this time whilst standing in the LIGHT of TRUTH.
For many of you this is the moment you have spent perhaps many linear human years in this incarnation preparing for. Many of you may FEEL weary beyond belief at this moment and yet you are asked to continue to find balance and to have FAITH and TRUST in SELF.  Reality from this moment onwards (as it has always been but hidden from you) is PERSONAL and UNIQUE. As you begin to experience the New Earth energies you are asked to let go fully of what you have been taught is a human life experience. There is no way to have a foot in each energetic signature and YOUr SOUL will show you this TRUTH over and over until you can ankhor this TRUTH fully and let go.
What happens next upon and within this planet is the creation of the New Earth THROUGH, AROUND and WITHIN the human race, at all times this is INTERNAL which gives you the external manifestation. YOU are reminded at this moment of the POWER that YOU ARE in TRUTH, reminded that YOU are an energy that is eternal and that has incarnated into human form upon this planet for this momentous occasion.  As this is a PERSONAL manifestation there is no timescale that can be given other than to indicate the process is now underway. For many of you this will be a lifelong transition period, for others it will be a bridge to a new reality that you have created in order to show TRUTH to new levels which will involve personal first contact with other races/realms. YOUr SOUL has already made the choice, it now attempts to guide you into the creation of this very personal choice.
For some of you who know me personally this is now a time of transition where I may disappear from your life experience altogether, with my guidance being that I no longer need to interact at any level with the old 3d earth paradigms.  I have spent a great deal of  ”time” in a linear human context making my peace with this and dissolving all the teachings that I needed to dissolve in order to fully accept the life that I now move into fully. To the ONE person who has chosen to share this new reality with me I send you much love and I look forward to creating and sharing ALL with you in the New Earth in TRUTH.  LOVE JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH.
LOVE is eternal and is now manifest on planet earth in the New Earth reality that will now begin to blossom THROUGH, AROUND and WITHIN the human race in TRUTH.
LOVE is the answer, no matter the question.

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