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Focus on Gaia's Heart Space in Glastonbury ~ experiences, updates and a personal channeled message for 2014 ~ By Méline Lafont

Well here we are in the new year and already much is expanding and changing in our own personal reality and on the planet. Beautiful! I have decided to concentrate and to work more with the chakras of Earth, with the vortexes and the portals in the grid on our beloved Planet as this is the guidance I have received and been called to do in this Now. So off we go!

What I will be working on and with at this time will specifically be the Heart Chakra of Gaia in Glastonbury Tor. I've been called to go there twice now and it becomes clearer every time as to why this is so. Gaia needs us right now to help this planetary shift move on in the most comfortable ways possible for Her and for Humanity, and as Saint Germain has said in his latest message through me, Ascension is moving forward and it is up to Humanity as to which way they will decide to take and which they will leave aside. So that is why it is important to now focus on Her Heart space and on ours, to connect those even more with one another and with Hers, to allow the shift to continue in a space of Unity and freedom with ourselves and with our bodies along with it.

As you know the heart space IS the portal of Ascension, this applies to you and to Gaia. Unifying those portals and gateways of Ascension collectively and individually amplifies everything that is already unfolding in the Now and what is unfolding is that Gaia is detaching more and more from Her old Grid and being in the New grid of unity and Divine Love. Actually Gaia is already “there” and she is taking each and everyone with her that match those vibrations. What I have felt and seen at the Tor is that a lot of darker energies have been transmuted and more purity, Love and Violet were seen in that Heart space through my third eye.

A joyful feeling and relief came over me very strongly as in the space of 1 month, I felt a huge difference already and that is a positive thing! With a few of my close friends and my mom, we have been doing some ground - and energetic work on the Tor, each in their own way of being and we all felt so loaded of beautiful energies as if we were charged again and ready to continue. What happened there was very different for all of us but it surely shifted something in ourselves and as well as for Gaia. For me personally, Light Language was instantly activated as I began to chant some tones while doing my meditation there. Again I had no idea what to do and it was led by my Higher Self to just speak out some words and tones that came through. So I did and my entire heart space just started to glow and expand so much! Beyond words, such beautiful feeling!

I anchored the violet Flame, my essence, and saw Gaia's Heart blossoming more into that Light. She feels very much alive and active to me and there is a sense of freedom and relief in Her. At one point I got the message to immediately go inside of the Tor, so I grabbed my crystals and went inside to sit there. The minute I placed one foot inside of the Tor all of a sudden it started to rain heavily and fierce winds roared very hard. I nudged and smiled. Stonehenge on the other hand is not the same anymore and it even felt “dead” and drained to me till the last drop used or some kind of feeling. Till this point I have no idea of what is going on there or why this is the case but I and my friends just felt nothing there anymore while before during the Solstice a little bit was still present. I am definitely going to tune in more and see if I can get some clarity about that.

We went to Avebury as well where I could create a beautiful connection to the stones. I took my integrated energies of Stonehenge and the Tor with me and grounded those there while touching one of the stones. A beautiful response came up where I could see that particular stone light up, I saw energies and light moving through the ground to all of the other stones as they are inner connected and they too started to light up one by one. My feet started to burn and a beautiful exchange was given! We asked how long they had to serve as “stones” and the answer from them was that they will be in this existence until the end of time, when time does not exist anymore. So I replied with the question if they have to stay n this form to serve the duality and matrix of the 3th and 4th Dimension, whereas they replied that they were not aware of what a matrix was as they do not live in a matrix of time. Makes sense to me. There you got your answer! LOL

 Anyway, this all brought me to the next insight and that is to organize a weekly meditation in the course of one month where we all put our focus and intent on love and on the violet flame on that particular vortex and Heart space of the Earth. Glastonbury Tor and the land of Avalon that are under the reign of Lady Guinevere. Let us bring our energies and intentions of Love and purification there and connect with Her heart space, help to activate the Divine Feminine there along with our Higher Selves.

This video format that I will be sharing along with the dates and time frames for all around the world (in the next days), is channeled information and is a guided meditation that assists us with the visualization and focus of ourselves and Love in this beautiful connection with that beautiful Heart space and place of Gaia. Every time we do a meditation to focus on that particular area, use this channeled guided meditation as it consists of Light language and a guided message/ focus. If you have crystals, please do use them along in this meditation, preferable the amethyst or rose quartz. Let's now focus on this area of the world if you wish to.

Thank you for joining and for being a part of this wonderful journey and this focus. You are welcomed, loved and embraced and you are truly appreciated by the Heart of Unity. Love Méline

 Here is a short message from my Higher Self about the year 2014, that I have shared in the Radio show “Raising Vibrations” with Paige Hall-Ferraro.

 2014 is the year where all that you wish to change, to manifest and to create, will be addressed in more effective ways. Clarity, expansion, radiating and glowing Lightbodies will start to activate more within, bringing forth a whole new consciousness of being and of serving this Planetary Ascension.

 More portals will be opened and will be in line with other portals forming a strong grid of crystallized Light. Lightworkers are invited to work more with those and initiate themselves through the portals and vortexes on Earth as well as in the space near the Earth. All is amplifying for sure and great gifts are upon us.

Those who are into their hearts will encounter deeper knowledge and understanding in themselves and opportunities will be brought to encounter other Star Galaxies and Nations of the Light, as their hearts will be in alignment with one another on inner levels, Beautiful prospects are there to be seen, embraced and accepted. Enjoy 2014!

 Love, Méline

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and

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