Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Karen Doonan ~ Synching with UNIVERSAL FLOW in the New Earth


As you move into the New Earth higher energetic frequencies you begin to sync with these energies and to come back into flow.  For many of you this may be manifest in your outer waking life as something your human logical mind perceives as “erratic” patterns, whether this be for sleep or for eating or for general interaction with the waking world.  It depends how far out of balance you are in TRUTH just how erratic these patterns may appear for you, if you have been used to very rigid patterns within the old 3d earth paradigms then you may at this time be in much chaos and confusion when your human vehicle appears to be in a time zone all of itself, it may be confusing to have a full nights sleep and then get up to then feel more tired and nap some more.  Much like going to a different country and adjusting to a new time zone the New Earth is in a new dimensional space, just because the world around you appears to look the same does not mean that it IS the same as many are now finding out energetically.

Again I would highlight the need to FEEL during the transition process. The New Earth energies will now expand and deepen, they are not going to settle down for some time for the “boost” of these New Earth energies is the driving force of change within, around  and through your human vehicle.  The more you can let go and BE the easier the transition, however the need to be in FLOW is vital. If you are not in flow then you may try to push ahead when the universe is asking you simply to BE and to adjust and you may try to stop the flow when the universe is providing you with the extra energy to manifest in the outer waking world.
So distorted is the old 3d earth reality that the “natural flow” of energy has been absent for eons.  As I have blogged very young children are in natural flow, the ability to nap when they are tired during the day and then continue with their day is a skill that is TAUGHT out of you.  How many of you feel ok at going for a lie down in the middle of the day? how many of you feel the need to justify this to even yourself?  If you are tired then rest, if you are hungry then eat, for this is natural flow.  The use of watches/clocks may be redundant during this process for natural flow sees a “day” unfold at its own pace, many of you may be finding that some periods of the day seem to last for ages and other periods go very quickly, again this is adjustment to a NATURAL flow.  It is vital to disconnect from the teachings that seek to TEACH order and patterns within the old 3d earth for ALL is distortion and it is deliberate distortion in order to interrupt the natural flow of energies.
For those of you who are still trying to fit in with those around you and “maintain” some sort of “normal” life I would ask why? the New Earth is nothing like the old 3d earth paradigms and is not simply a rebooted, upgraded version of it. By changing your frequency you change your outer waking reality. How soon the changes appear in the outer waking reality is dependent upon the frequencies that are dissolved and the depth of the New Earth energies that are anchored in place. At this time the planet earth is also moving and shifting in frequency, at times of heightened energies (moon phases for example) there is “extra” energy available. Again I would guide that this is a personal process and one that you can halt and alter at ANY time that you wish. It is not TRUTH to state that nothing is happening upon and within this planet in general due to the personal nature of the ascension process. Whilst it may be a TRUTH for YOU it is not for many others upon and within this planet. Remember YOUr life experience is unique and personal to YOU, it is not the same for everyone, it cannot be, as each human vehicle is unique.
The universe is not chaotic by nature, it is by DESIGN and FLOW, it may appear to be chaotic due to the distortion that has been placed within the old 3d earth reality which is now breaking down and dissolving. All that is keeping it in place are the frequencies that are running within human vehicles that have not been dissolved by the energies that have incarnated into said human vehicles.  This is a concept that the human logical mind will try to reject, it will often reject something that is not seen by the naked human eye, this again is a deliberate teaching TAUGHT in order to further contain and suppress the human energy signature.  ALL is frequency and ALL JUST IS.
The ability to “predict” the future will begin to dissolve also for as you move OUT of the karmic dimensional timelines you move into creation in TRUTH.  Within the karmic dimensional timelines were patterns, these patterns could be read and tuned into very easily,  in a karmic dimensional timeline you have/had (depending on whether you are still in a karmic loop) a context and framework to live within, certain events and certainly people and scenarios were locked out of your karmic reality as a karmic dimensional timeline is a bandwidth of frequencies that you live within.  In the New Earth reality there is only TRUTH, therefore you can create at will and what you create is YOUr choice from a range of frequencies that support ONLY TRUTH.
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This subject can APPEAR to be complex and I would guide for you to process this through the HEART space, I have addressed this more fully on the websites.  Ascension is the process of moving out of karmic dimensional timelines and into TRUTH. It is not remaining within the bandwidth that was created within the human vehicle prior to birth onto and within the planet earth. This is also why your human vehicle goes through the process of transition as well as the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH. Many are filtering this out and trying to alter and influence the outcomes of a karmic dimensional loop, this is NOT TRUTH and is not supported by the New Earth. FREEDOM is complete freedom, it may appear you have freedom in the old 3d earth paradigms but this “freedom” is based on karmic loops, karma is NOT a natural process, it is a CREATED reality in which you are given frequency choices within a certain bandwidth.  This is completely different to living in TRUTH and creating from ANY frequency that you desire.
It is be noted that the old 3d earth will try to teach karma as a natural process in order to try to prevent you from dissolving the karmic frequency loops, it NEEDS your anxiety and fear that is created within these loops in order to survive. Remember it cannot take your energy, it can however persuade you to give it away.

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  1. Very well said. Thank you Karen for articulating these new experiences & challenges. How exciting to discover ourselves & the world anew!