Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lucas – The Court Jester – The Fool Speaks – 28 January 2014

Taking on the role of a court jester from the deck of cards, in the courts being the entertainer but also the only one allowed to criticize the master or mistress. Though often still whipped for speaing out freely.
But do not be fooled by those speaking with a split tongue and not speaking from the heart. All is a play and see what card you have drawn yourself. Is it the card you are going to play or are you willing to just pass or leave the game.
It is the time the court jester spoke a bit about the foolish behaviour of some to be saying to have the only truth without wiping the dirt of their own faces first.  Before speaking your truth ensure people it is only your truth and not the truth.  For every fool and every human speaks truth in its own right but it is certainly never the whole  and only truth.

The next card from the deck is drawn to reveal that people get very defensive knowingly and unknowingly about their hidden agendas and self-interests. Questioning intent is always having repercussions as it is asking people to be looking into the answer to the question.
Denial and ignorance are often working quit well to forget the question as well as disguising whatever is really intended to be or choosing the attack. Fools talk foolish as it the real being speaking from the heart that is the new language you all will learn.
The fool is often pointing out the cliff edge as he dances around it for you to see and not fall down deep. Listen to the fool even if it is not to your liking. It might give you another view on what is. A foolish view could show interesting new perspectives , a bigger picture or even a detail that you missed.
Stop fooling yourselves in claiming to be right. A view is a view on things, you need to discern and do with it whatever you want as do others. Keep your heart open to sense what is and not go thinking what is.
Only fools are taking in the whipping as they know they are not really the fool. The different faces shown to you for discernment is what is the fools task. Truth in the eye of the beholder. Truthfully speaking, have a big laugh and breath. That feels better. Enjoy whatever is happening!
This  Jester  draws his last card…. and sees that all the cards will eventually know how to work together in the deck. The perceived symbols and depictions can be taken as a hierarchy or just as cards that play within the whole playing their role till the game is finished.
All is playing out as it should and the game will be ended if you all pass your cards and or stop playing the perceived game.  Overcome the differences from the heart connection within. As this fool ends saying I love you all.
Whatever happens. I will keep doing what I do for as long as I can and with or without support for being foolish enough to wake you all up to your own full potential.
Love and light,
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Love and light,
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