Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Karen Doonan ~ GOD message for 9th April 2014

Beloved ones I am the energy that may be placed in the context of GOD and I am here with you as you read my words as taken through my channel.  ALL is not as it appears at a very waking human conscious mind level for the illusions of the old 3D earth are now dissolving and yet the eyes of many in human form are fixed on what “was” and not on what JUST IS. Do you understand my guidance beloved ones?  I ask you to look not to heaven nor to earth but to look WITHIN, to the HEART space for the HEART is where I reside fully for I AM YOU in TRUTH.

The birth of the NEW EARTH reality for the human race is now blossoming, with many in human form able to FEEL the change and the shift in frequency of both the Planet Earth and the human vehicle into which they have incarnated. Remember beloved ones you are an energy that is eternal which has chosen to incarnate into a human form in order to experience life from a human perspective. I am here with you now supporting as ALL support you into the expansion which sees you live a human life but with a UNIVERSAL perspective. Do you understand my guidance? The ability that the human vehicle has to accept said expansion is now beyond anything that you have been permitted to experience upon this planet in TRUTH.

GOD is LOVE is TRUTH, the TRINITY in the UNIVERSE of 3 is now completing and it now radiates fully and energetically from the centre of your human vehicle and radiates outwards, this will now be reflected back to you in the outer waking human life experience that is known to you at a very human conscious waking mind level as LIFE on Planet Earth.
I place the coding:
333 222 777 999
33 44 99 66 77
33 33 33
111 000 111
I place within the HEART space a SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM ANKH,  I place in the higher heart space the white dove of peace and I place in the SOULSTAR the word TRUTH.
May the LIGHT OF GOD IN TRUTH radiate from the HEAVENS that are reflected in the heart space of ALL who resonate with the NEW EARTH.
In the beginning was LIGHT and this LIGHT now walks the PLANET fully aligned, fully radiating and fully present in the human forms it has taken.
BE at peace for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

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