Friday, April 18, 2014

Lightcodes of Star Sirius, communication?? April 12, 2014. listen to videos

Méline: These are send to me by Bill Ballard to share and make viral.  Our mutual friend Trish has recorded these video's that I will share with you.  Feedback and what you feel this is, is welcome! ♥  As I listen to these video's I experienced them as encodements and very deep ones( those tones).  My crown and especially the front of my brains and sides are buzzing as I AM listening to this.  Entire crown opens and goes in goosebumps.  Heavy integrating ♥

Bill BallardMeline, Trish took a video of Sirius last Saturday night (April 12, 2014) and there was 1/4 of it missing... The same with Arcturus and also Mars and Jupiter... There was sound coming from the star and also has encoding. Each time I listen to it, I get another boost up with these encodings. Trish says her message was everyone is getting them but those of us who focus on listening will download faster. I see the L shape missing from the stars and think of the "L"oHeim Message from Secrets of the Andes book... Please share as this is very important to humanity!

1/4 of Siruis is missing in the film. Trish aka Tinker Bell also filmed Arcturus, Jupiter and Mars the same night, each missing 1/4 of the planet or star.

Trish: ~ I Will Explain the ( ? ) Soon ... i am checking my videos and Stellarium again and feel i may have mis~taken the time while checking with Stellerium lastnight ... so i wish upon a star to be providing you with the Truth of which 'Star' this is. I believe i have answered that this evening for myself, however i would like to be certain of it first. ~thankyou~

~ sounds recorded while taking video of Sirius ... i took 5 videos of different Stars and Planets, this the 4th, neither prior or after videos had these sounds, nor any video i have ever recorded ~

33 seconds at normal speed and the rest at 0.0125x speed ~ this is a video for Sound more~so than visual presentation...smaller viewing would be best... but listen closely:)

There were some serious energies trying to block me from sharing these Sirius sounds with you ... but 1555 viruses, loss of Photoshop and Movie Premier, 4 screen freezes and 6 reboots later it is... that is how Sirius i am ;)

thankyou for watching and listening... and please if you have any information or input about these sounds i would appreciate your contact~~this is an incredible journey...please relax, in~joy the fluid motion in~flow with sound ... i believe we have Contact ~o*o~ Gratitude and Blessings~ 

****PLEASE drink lots of Water ... if you begin to feel pressure in your head, woozy... this is ok it does go away...but rest, sleep, nap. This will be more intense after listening a few times, with headphones ...but i believe it tis he cracking of the Shell~ so to speak~ this Transmission is unique in it's Nature ... and continues in~flow after~ so please honor your process and in~joy the journey*** Please Do Not operate and heavy equipment or Drive while receiving this Transmission***

Second Video:

Thank you to Trish and Bill Ballard for sharing ♥

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  1. Thank you for sharing sis, I shared the link to this on my blog too. I will defintely listen more than once. Yes, I think too there are codes and my crown was buzzing too and as if my heart was beating faster and my body vibrating like in response to it. Wow. <3