Saturday, April 19, 2014

HEAVENLY SEEDS As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As Spring finally pushes her way up thru a rather harsh winter vortex the warm breezes, and the April showers unleash what is hidden deep within life. everything that has been dormant for several months now comes to life; seeds dreams hopes. Within the seed of life lives a dynamic blueprint in divine totality. Within the blueprint is the complete evolution and the realization of every species.

Within a single seed of the great oak lives its fullest potential. It is destined  to become all that it can become, just like us. That seed does not contain half of an instruction but contains the entire universe.  Within the seed of each human being lives the same instructs, an entire divine blueprint that houses the unlimited potential of each person. Each human has the capacity to fulfill these instructions in their fullness. It is a personal choice; it is a divine directive.

As Spring comes into her peak beauty it is time for each person to take time to plant a new idea, a new seed, a new desire, a new dream, then know without a shadow of a doubt that the seed will come into completion since it holds the fullness of the bloom. Do not plant anything in your life if you doubt its ability to bloom, whether grass seed, flower seed, or tree. If you doubt its ability to fulfill its potential then do not plant at all. Nature asks you to plant at least one seed in your world. Plant this seed with an undiluted knowing that it will reach its full potential. Plant the seed knowing that it will mature, and reach its destiny and destination or do not plant at all. All life holds the entirety of its potential.

As you move into more of your co-creator awareness the question arises are you a part time God or a full time doubting human. Do you doubt yourself more hours than you believe in yourself? Would you want your Creator to work in such a haphazard way? As spring comes plant your dreams and your hopes in the fertile soil of a deep belief system. Believe in their fulfillment, or do not plant at all. Whether grass seed or a human dream it needs to be planted in fertile soil. Each seed you plant represents a celestial commitment. Plant as the Creator, without doubt.

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