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Sacred Geometry Of Ascension – via Crystalai

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This is what Ascension is. Our planet and our bodies are absorbing more and more of our star essence each moment. The plan for mass ascension would have man absorbing enough stardust to become etheric enough to walk through walls. There are already many on Earth who can already become invisible, walk through walls, levitate and walk on water. Their learning process was extremely long and painful. These processes will become very easy after the Earth’s magnetic shift. There will still need to be the learning process. But, the success rate will be very high. 
We will be crossing barriers that are not in our imagination at this time. This shift into the wonderful Never-lands where Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz dwells will be our new magical home and future. We hear this vague melody riding on a standing wave pattern of frequencies filtering our substance into the blue sphere that will transpose us beyond light into the original etheric substance of our Divine Blue Print to a place that is beyond this time matrix, beyond all light and sound, and metaphorically speaking Somewhere Over the Rainbow. This magical place has always existed in the Cloud Cities within the Aurora Fields connecting us to Aquafaria, Urtha, AshalA, the Inner Earth, and all of those places known as LALA land by those who don’t know about reality. 

When we take our consciousness into the Sun, we walk through the entire light spectrum until we go beyond the gamma rays into the diamond door where there is no light or sound. We go beyond light into the realm of Source Consciousness, and when we turn around and walk out we become the ultra violet blue light. This is the sphere of amenity. This is the blue sphere that connects our consciousness of d 1,2 an 3 into the meta-galactic of dimension 7-12. This is the magical standing wave pattern that weaves the overtones of the higher densities into the base-tones of the third dimensional place holder. The ULTRA VIOLET BLUE SUN frequencies wave file may be heard today at cosmicdolphinmagic.ning.com.
At this time our Earth will also be much more etheric and the spiritual parallel planets, star systems and universes will all align into perfect harmony which allows all of our starry families to travel to Earth.

This time period of raising frequencies and becoming etheric starry bodies also includes a complete transformation of the atmosphere of Earth, the complete transformation of the soil, vegetation and all forms of life on Earth. There will be space ship airports replacing our present day airports.

The bodies are going through this transformation of the music of the spheres sacred geometry at this time. The evolution of the body is required as one aspect to prepare for the ascension. The body is being transformed from the inside out. Each cell must become transformed into the etheric starry crystal cell as was originally created through the spark of Source and the breath of the Elohim Angels.

In order for this transformation to take place, people will need to start understanding the truly Cosmic level of change that is taking place. It is obvious that most present writings in blogs and channelings are being mistranslated through the third dimensional lack of seeing the quantum that is far beyond what is visible. We must begin to know and see ourselves as the etheric frequencies that we are made up of in reality.

The ascension will result in minds where there is no more opposition, jealousy or wars of any kind. There must first be the understanding that the change that is taking place is far beyond the human concepts of becoming more kind and more heartfelt. It is the actual transformance into the light and sound of higher dimensions that causes the real changes to take place.
The ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS are created through the sacred geometry of the music of the spheres, which allows the magical alignment of the physical body into the spiritual body of illumination.

This Divine Template that all spiritual forms are manifest from has been kept within and around Mother Earth’s body for over 500 million years. This perfect morphogenetic field of the spiritual Divine Template of Earth’s Matrix has lain dormant until this new time of awakening and re-birth.

Our Cosmic family and team, which we have been a part of for long over 500 million years, were the ones who prepared this Sentinel which will raise the frequencies of the physical essence of Planet Earth back into her Spiritual Starry Essence. The Star Dome which holds the Etheric Starry Frequency of this Morphogenetic Field is within our Mother Earth and around her atmosphere. This is a Cosmic Stardust that we are being held within. The formula for realigning the physical aspect of Earth into her Spiritual aspect is held within the Music of the Spheres. This same formula for our physical bodies to realign into the complete balance of oneness with our spiritual bodies is also held within the Music of the Spheres.

There is a sacred geometry or formula that guides us in aligning each frequency of the physical essence into the spiritual essence of the body. The body is ceated from the same formula as the Cosmic Body of the Earths matrix. The formula can be seen in the twelve pointed star structure that shows us how to align the frequencies from each point from the physical into the spiritual to cause a transmutation of the lower frequencies to all be pulled into the higher frequencies. Eventually we transmute all frequencies into the highest frequency of Oneness.

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