Sunday, May 25, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Deliverance in TRUTH part two


This blog is a continuation from my blog yesterday in that it covers the concept of deliverance in TRUTH. Many of you have pleaded with the universe to deliver you from the old 3D earth created reality but this blinds you to TRUTH, YOU create your reality at all moments of all moments, the frequencies that you were TAUGHT to anchor within the old 3d earth created reality KEEP you within said reality, it is not something that is placed around you in the context of perhaps placing a coat around you where said coat is placed upon you.  When you were born into the old 3D earth created reality you were already running the frequencies of said reality, the time spent in the womb within your mother working to further plant the frequencies within the cellular structure of your human vehicle. (for more information on how frequencies are created within the pregnant human female please visit the Galactic Portal website).
When you are born into the old 3D earth created reality (the only way that you could be birthed onto this planet at that time) you then started to work to ANCHOR certain frequencies into the cellular structure of your human vehicle and these ignited the dormant blueprints that were ALREADY within the frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality context on planet earth.  Nothing was done TO you as much as you were TAUGHT to work with frequency patterns that only support de-construction. All of this is done at a sub-conscious level, it is never done at a conscious waking mind level, what is transpiring within the human race at this time is the CONSCIOUS acknowledgement of how the old 3d earth created reality was constructed, only by illuminating it at a CONSCIOUS waking mind level can you see the patterns of said frequencies. It is not possible to dissolve something that cannot be seen and so the frequencies of the old 3D earth created worked to keep you blind to that which was playing out.
This concept is covered in depth in the TRUTH CODES – Chronicles from Orion book where the frequency patterns are described and also how they are presented to the human race. It is to be noted that NONE of the old 3d earth created reality is in a frequency that allows for expansion as it is a negative polarisation which works at ALL times to de-construct and this is the reason that none of it can be taken into the New Earth, you cannot expand into wholeness whilst running frequencies that are DESIGNED to de-construct and this may be something that many of you are working with at this time. That which is TRUTH is EXPANSIVE and can be expanded into infinity, anything that is of a lower dimensional frequency will DE-construct itself when it attempts to reach into expansion.
There is no way around this other than to dissolve the frequencies of DE-construction and anchor the LOVE that is in TRUTH for this is the very fabric of the universe and can be expanded into infinity. YOU are an infinite BEing which has incarnated into a human vehicle in order to bring HEAVEN to EARTH, this translated to human terms is to allow your infiniteness to flow through, around and within said human vehicle. The process the human vehicle undergoes to transform from carbon based to crystalline helps this process, indeed the process of FLOW cannot be achieved any other way.
As the energies now heighten and expand and you now move into FULL CREATION allow this to be shown to you and recognised, that which is now beginning to build in your outer waking life will continue to expand only if it is TRUTH, if not it will crumble for it is using the frequency that was from the old 3D earth construct. These frequencies cannot be seen by the naked human eyes but they can be FELT, this is why it is vital to move fully into the heart space for only by FEELing the human life experience can you distinguish between expansion and de-construction.
LOVE is the answer, no matter the question – LOVE being the fabric of ALL creation.  LOVE SELF for in loving SELF you place the keys to CREATION in your human hands and you create that which the old 3D earth reality has TAUGHT you is not possible. ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.

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