Saturday, September 20, 2014

Meredith Murphy ~ Archangel Michael ~ September Equinox 2014

September 2014 Equinox - Expect Wonderful
September 2014 Global Equinox Gathering 
Achieving New States of Harmony & Grace ~ A Collaboration with the Galactic Dragons
2:00 - 3:30 pm pacific time, Tuesday September 23 
(Available LIVE as a webinar, by phone or skype or ANYTIME via audio recording available as a download after the event is complete.)
Note: This invitation is a bit unusal, as my wrist is currently healing and I cannot type easily, so I am dictating this to my iPad and just pasting it into a webpage! Please forgive the simplicity of format :) Thank you! 

I asked Archangel Michael about the September Equinox & Our Event, and here is the message I received:

The equinox opens you to a new level of experiencing harmony and grace in your lives. The energies are available and are already being felt by many of you. These energies are harmonizing am bringing into a coherent balance all the expansion you have accomplished in the last six months. But we most want you to know about this equinox is that you can use the momentum of the lactic event such as this in a very powerful way in your personal life. You are a holographic to all of creation as such everything occurring within creation is also occurring within you. When you begin to live your life with a sense of collaboration that involves components at the Galactic level you tap into momentum is that our vast and powerful. This equinox offers you the opportunity to achieve a level of equipoise supported and in alignment with the larger fields in your life such as the galaxy.

When we gather for this event we will be working with the Galactic dragons a new energy that has joined me in participating as part of the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple and over lighting Meredith's work. Together with the dragons and the full council we will work with you to explore the opportunities available as a result of this new level of harmony coming forth within your experience.

We will explore these energies not just for the benefit of achieving more capacity at the moment but to prepare you for the eclipse cycle in October. Eclipse cycles are powerful windows of opportunity for deep and lasting transformation. If you enter into the cycle having already achieved a significant level of coherence by fully integrating and balancing the expansion you have already created, you will experience the eclipse cycle with greater grace and ease and expanded potential.

Join us! As we explore our new relationship with the Galactic Dragons, together as a global body of awakened beings on this powerful day.
This event will be approximately 90 minutes and will include:
  • Bridging Heaven & Earth Energy Exercise;
  • A Current-Energies Update;
  • Guided Meditation with the Galactic Dragons and the Earth Elemental Energies;
  • Live Channeling from Archangel Michael
  • Ask Michael Live Channeling, time permitting.

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Please know these are powerful transmissions of energy and you may need time afterward to ground, integrate and adjust to new perspectives and energy presence. It's not unusual to be tired, or sleepy and need to rest more than usual. Please plan accordingly.  
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