Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ The Most Important Five Minutes of the Day

Each day when you wake up, we ask you to not only start a new day, start a new life. The life that you have been living is fading away. It is disappearing farther into the past. Right now is the start of a new life. So begin with right now, this very moment and begin to live it. Take five minutes and just be still.
You do not have to think about the details. It is the attitude that you have right now that will change your future. Put aside your problems from yesterday. Put aside your dreams for tomorrow. No longer base your life on hopes and dreams. Live right now and feel what you want to do. It does not matter what you think about. Put your thoughts aside even for five minutes and just be still.

In the stillness you find your self, only your self in its most simple state of being alive and well. This is the beginning of a new way to approach life. Your new life begins when you find your most simple state of just being and feeling your self. This is very important. Most of your life you would wake up and think about your responsibilities to your work or your responsibilities to others. This is not going to fulfill your life. If you want a new life, it must begin with you.
Five minutes of being silent, allows your silent partner, your higher self, your real self to wake up inside of you and guide you. So what is it that you are starting to feel? It is the voice of your higher self, that part of you that knows where you are going and what will motivate you in a new direction.
Your higher self does not shout at you with commands. It stirs your life force and moves your emotions and feelings in a new direction. Sometimes the best start is a quiet start, a gentle nudge in the right direction. If we wake up and jump into our responsibilities without tuning in, we become a being of blind habit and fail to achieve what we want. Be silent and tune in.
Maybe the first few times you try this there will be no feelings, no motivation, just simple silence. That is a good start. When you first start this exercise, you don’t have to feel what your higher self wants. You only have to be silent and merge with the silence. If you can do this, just be silent, you have successfully merged with your higher self.
Your higher self is always there behind the scenes, behind all those thoughts and “have to’s”. The only reason you have not found your higher self is because you didn’t stop to find it in the silence. It only takes five minutes of silence and you will automatically merge with your higher self. This is a great start. This is the start of a new life. This is the first day of your relationship with your true nature. It is neither a thing nor a mission. It is just your on nature with all of your highest potential. So each day first thing in the morning, take five minutes to be still and do nothing. In a very short time you will see your life changing. You will feel better and have more confidence.  You will begin your relationship with your higher self.

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