Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Heal the Soul and then Heal the Body

Most of our more difficult karma is located in the soul. Certainly all of our emotions come from our soul. Heal the soul first and then you can more easily heal the body. Healing the soul involves releasing the emotions.
I have seen many healers heal the body only to discover that the illness reappears someplace else in the body. Why? Because the emotion that lies at the root of the problem still remains in the soul. If you release the emotion, then the illness will not resurface.
The soul is the electrical generator for everything that happens in our body. Most of the electrical current in our soul is distorted by incoherence and friction.

The soul is also the home of the mind. The mind is the driver for both the soul body and the physical body. If the driver is filled with unresolved emotions, then those emotions will broadcast through every thought and each action that we take. It is this emotion that throws us off balance and creates friction in the body. This friction eats away at the body until it breaks down and either gets sick or creates an accident.
Buddha once compared the mind to a glass of water. If we shake the glass the water becomes agitated. If we try to look through the glass to see what is on the other side, then the movement of the water distorts our vision. If the water is calm, our vision is clear.
We cannot clear the mind until our emotions are settled. Healing our emotions first, clears the mind so we can see everything more clearly. The solution to all our problems is not through the logic of our mind. If our mind is still filled with unresolved emotions, the agitation of those emotions will distort anything our mind is telling us.
Only the heart knows the truth. The heart is the home of the soul. The heart is also the home of our Buddha Nature. Once again we realize that the best way to transform our life of distortion and error is accomplished through meditation. Meditation clears the karma that gives rise to emotion and all distorted thoughts.
If you are wondering why there are so many thoughts and emotions interfering with your meditation, now you have the answer. Meditation is cleaning house. The dirt of karma has to be cleaned from the house before you can rest in the house and be comfortable. Meditate without expectation of a peaceful experience. The best meditation is the agitated meditation. Then you know that the housekeeper is doing its work.

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