Sunday, September 7, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Moving into full FLUIDITY at a human conscious waking mind level


For many of you the past few days may have seemed tense but in ways that your human logical mind could not fathom. You may have felt intense energetic downloads and ripples of energy but not understood why or their purpose. So much is changing and shifting for the human race but the confusing thing to the human logical mind is that trees still LOOK like trees and cars still LOOK like cars. What is changing of course is the frequency and energetic structure of all that appears in the outer waking reality that you have been taught to reference as your “human life experience”.   It is to be noted that at this time the energies are building to move BOTH the human race and the Planet Earth into full FLUIDITY.  Again this concept is one that the human logical mind will tend to try to filter, after all how can something that APPEARS to be solid be in TRUTH fluid?
I have talked repeatedly about the outer waking life experience being PERSONAL and UNIQUE and talked about the entry into the New Earth frequency realities where this is reflected back to the person who is creating fully their human life experience. One of the main components of this way of creating and manifesting is FLUIDITY.  The old 3D earth created construct was a dense energetic creation which FROZE the outer waking reality into a form that appeared solid. This is why you are taught within the old 3D earth construct that things can be the “same” and why you will attempt to keep the “status quo” at all times. It is also why those around you who are not in the frequency that allows this to be anchored repeatedly attempt to keep things in place as a way of feeling “safe”. This safety of course is an artificial construct, a manipulation of the natural FLOW of the universe. Energy cannot stop moving, it moves and flows at all moments of all moments. The human logical mind is TAUGHT to place events and experiences in a linear construct thus FREEZING events, places and people in a certain energetic space. This is NOT TRUTH and is not supported by the New Earth realities hence this is being released.

The result is intense movement which at a human conscious waking mind level may be experienced as intense fear, you may feel that things are moving but as there is no apparent reason for the feeling then the human mind invokes the “flight or fight” response, this is not helpful and works against the natural flow of universal energies. Working to breathe and to work with your human vehicle helps you to release this frequency. Just because you cannot physically see the next step does not mean that you have been abandoned or that you are left on your own, it simply means that you cannot physically see something that is energetic.  This is why you are gently reminded to move into the HEART SPACE in order to FEEL TRUTH, the human physical eyes are not in the driving seat for this the next stage of human evolution.
The planet itself is also moving and shifting in vibration to allow for the NATURAL FLUIDITY that it has been denied prior to moving into the UNIVERSE of 3 energetic space. The human race are fully aligned with the planet so both are coming “online” as it were and both are aligning with, through and around each other. This will allow for the full BIRTH of the PERSONAL and UNIQUE reality that you are currently dreaming into full manifestation. It allows for ALL to experience at the levels that the SOUL requires and unpins the frozen reality and the frozen construct from the very fabric of the UNIVERSE.
Over the coming linear days and the lead up to the super moon this fluidity will begin to establish itself, at a human conscious waking mind level this may appear as intense chaos and I would remind you gently that many within the human race do not understand the process that is now under way.  Shifts in concepts, realities and experiences will be such that trying or attempting to reference YOUR PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCE through others will not be possible.  This must be anchored or you will be held in a frequency of intense frustration, it must be understood on ALL levels of your being that your life is YOUR MANIFESTATION and your CREATION, it is UNIQUE and PERSONAL to you, no one else, no matter how close they are to you relationship wise can experience your life as they are not you.
The challenge at this time is to remain in balance and to move into full TRUST and FAITH of your SOUL as it is guiding you in all moments of all moments.  Chaos is the restructuring of your outer waking reality, the full picture is at many moments not available to you but IS ALWAYS available to you at a SOUL level.  Just as you would not rely fully on your human eyes when you have a guide sitting just above tree level when navigating a forest in the dark you are asked to remain in contact with your SOUL at all times.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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