Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Moving into the New Earth at waking conscious mind level

Source: http://truthcodes.wordpress.com/2014/06/23/moving-into-the-new-earth-at-waking-conscious-mind-level/
For many of you the past few linear days may have seemed to be confusing and yet at a very deep level you will have recognised the process for that which it is. It is the BIRTH of the New Earth reality into your outer waking reality which is more commonly referred to as the human life experience.  The upgrading to your human vehicle and the release of the old 3d earth created reality patterning is the process that will see you able to function at a MULTI DIMENSIONAL level in the waking state that you know as everyday reality.
There are many spiritual teachings that seeks to blind and to confuse in relation to this, hence this blog. You are here to experience life on this planet in this your human form but in the WAKING STATE, this is  the level of consciousness that you are anchoring and working with at this time. It is neither appropriate nor a requirement to enter what is termed “altered” states of consciousness, indeed to work only at this level is to ignore and to hold back the very process that seeks to set you free, that of full multi dimensionality.

As I have stated previously in many of my blogs multi-dimensionality is the NATURAL state of your BEing, the human vehicle was trained to close this down and the human logical mind was TAUGHT to reject this fully within the old 3d earth created reality.  The transition process that the human race is undergoing sees a reversal of these teachings and the New Earth frequencies work to open up the human vehicle to adapt to processing full multi dimensionality at a waking conscious mind level.  To be lulled into believing that the naked human eyes are your only source of information is to walk in the teachings of the old 3D earth created reality and this must be addressed. Moving into the heart space allows you to FEEL TRUTH and to FEEL what is happening even when the naked human eye is trying to teach you that nothing or little is happening.
It is not TRUTH to assume that the outer waking reality will at all moments reflect only the New Earth, for that reality is built from WITHIN YOU and is dependant on your ability to remain in the heart space. The energies of the last few linear days have worked to try to strengthen you from within by showing you the very frequencies that are attempting to pull at your inner vision and teach you that all remains the “same”.
In your human form you have been taught repeatedly to only rely on your human eyes and to verify your human life experience based on EXTERNAL situations, scenarios and people and this is NOT supported in the New Earth for it is not TRUTH. That which is around you, external to you is created from WITHIN you at all moments of all moments and this must be worked with.  To accept that the outer waking reality is not of your creation is to walk in the old 3d earth created reality teachings.
Your SOUL at this moment is showing you the route to freedom, this is through the HEART space for only in by allowing yourself to FEEL TRUTH can you KNOW TRUTH, it is the connection to your SOUL which is always through the HEART space, your SOUL is eternal and is the overseer to all that is now unfolding in this your human life experience. At a human level you have but part of a picture of this your human life experience, your SOUL sees the WHOLE picture and is guiding you at all moments of all moments in how to create this fully at a human conscious waking level so that it can be experienced by you in this your human form.  It is showing you how to create “heaven upon earth” in TRUTH.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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