Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brad Austen: Life Lessons

Written by Brad Austen, Mindful-Meditations.

Thanks to: http://cultureofawareness.com/2014/06/13/brad-austen-life-lessons/

You may have heard before that life is a game; we all play a different part in the drama of life. While we are in the game, it feels very real and sometimes hard to detach ourselves from it emotionally. Throughout our sojourns as a spirit pretending to be human, we experience many roles. We do this to expand our awareness and experience as a spirit and to evolve.

Meditation can be a great tool to learn to silence one’s mind to hear the soft whispers of spirit. Spirit is always there to help guide us in our life, but it is often subtle and easy to ignore. Humanity can be very good at distracting oneself from the life path and lessons we are here to learn. TV, movies, video games, and alcohol can all fill a void and distract us from our missions. In moderation, like most things they are fine for relaxation and entertainment.

Awareness is the key to live an empowered life. Through awareness we can see the right action to take and avoid making too many poor choices. With awareness also comes responsibility. Not responsibility over others, but responsibility over one’s thoughts and actions. Mindfulness is the key to an empowered life. When we are mindful and aware, we can make the highest choice for us and those around us. If everyone on the planet did , things would change very rapidly for the better. But as the old adage says, “If you want to change the world, start by changing yourself”. This is very true.

We are powerful co-creators on the planet. We are playing a game, and as we learn our lessons and grow, we can move onto bigger and better things. Earth is a bit like a school, in some areas we may excel and receive an A+, in other areas we may struggle and receive a D-. The good news is that we can always try again, and one day graduate from the earth school. Life is what you make it; it can be a grand adventure or a lot of hard lessons. I feel optimistic that no life is ever a waste; each lifetime is a catalyst for spiritual growth and has a ripple effect on the planet.

If you are struggling with something in your life, ask yourself “What is the lesson in this? What is this situation trying to teach me?”. Allow your mind to be still and wait for an answer. Perhaps you will receive the answer in a dream, something you hear on the radio or in a book. Pay attention to the signs. Again it is about awareness and being mindful.

With some awareness and insight, it is possible to become aware of the life lessons you are currently working on. Our relationships are a great gift to mirror the lessons back to us that we are working on. Think of it as someone holding up a mirror. What do you see in the reflection? What is the person mirroring back to you? Rest assured that there is no one judging your life. We are the only one’s that may judge our lives and this is appropriate. As a creator on the planet, the question is what do you want to create? Do you wish to create the illusion that you are a victim of pain and suffering, or take responsibility and create a happy joyful existence? The choice is yours, what will you choose?

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