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Selacia – Prepare For 6/21 Solstice With Wesak Season Blessings – 19 June 2014

SelaciaThis weekend’s June 21 solstice is an auspicious half-year marker, a time when you can reflect on where you are in life and connect with spiritual fuel for the upcoming months. It is a time, too, of celebrating the change in seasons and acknowledging natural rhythms that connect you to the pulse of the cosmos.

As you feel more connected to the natural dance of life, you become more resourced on all levels – gaining clarity about expressing your purpose, catalyzing your forward momentum, and having the higher frequency you need to be a potent healing force in the world. 

Solstice also coincides with the culmination of Wesak season, allowing you to tap into amplified levels of light and blessings available for several weeks each year. It’s not necessary to know anything about Wesak or the enlightened masters associated with it to be impacted by this beneficial energy. Knowing that these energies exist ahead of solstice, however, is of benefit because when the blessings on your radar, you can intentionally invite them in.
3 Solstice Contemplations
Ahead of solstice, consider contemplating the following themes and their relevance in your personal life.

First is a connection with the divine feminine – not related to gender but as the source of creation and creativity. Invite a stronger and more tangible connection with this essential energy. Ask to be shown through dreams and life happenstance how you can be more honoring of the feminine principle. Invite an understanding of where you are out of balance, where you block your own flow, and where you stop yourself from receiving.
Second is a connection with the gifts you as a soul are alive to express in the world. Ask to understand these from spirit’s perspective. Invite a knowing of how you discount your own gifts, how you hold back, or how you ignore natural rhythms when offering your gifts to others.
Third is a connection with the love that naturally abides within you, always present and available. Ask spirit to reveal examples of how this love is the most potent transformational force you have. Invite a knowing of the ways your love helps others awaken, helps bring comfort, and helps show people the way out of their own distress.
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  1. Namaste. On this Magnificent Solstice Day, June 21st 2014, We Are in Attunement with All Masters & Avatars & Great Beings of Light to the Peacefull & Loving Actions As Divine Beings of Light, United in High Frequencies of Love & Light in Truth & Joy & an Abundance of PEACE. We Are ONE in Spirit & Working for the Highest Good of All. May Peace Begin with MeUWe. I Love You All. We Are ONE. I Am That I Am