Monday, June 16, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Shattering of the bonds of the old 3D earth created reality


The energies of the last linear 24/48 hours have been intense, many of you may still be working through these energies and they are DESIGNED to help you break that which is holding you tightly to the old 3D earth created reality.  This is the ANCHOR that has worked to keep you within the base dimensional frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality and this ANCHOR has remained hidden.  This is not surfacing in order to be dissolved, it is surfacing in order that you illuminate it and WALK THROUGH IT.
For me personally it was GRIEF,  I have spent many years working through the frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality and as I have outlined and discussed in the FRACTURED FEMALE book my “theme” within said old 3D Earth created reality was “Abandonment, Betrayal and Grief”. This theme is what the old 3D earth created reality is built upon and there are various triggers that are incorporated into the human life experience within said old 3D earth created reality that are designed to teach you to continually re-anchor this.

The filters are huge within this arena and as I discovered over the past linear 24 hours  my personal “ANCHOR” was the grief in relation to the passing of the first male in my life, my father. I have focused on the echo of this which was my previous marriage but this filtered out for me the BASE frequency that was running.  Unable to understand why over the past linear 24 hours I could almost reach the sea of tears that I knew would release me from this frequency, a bit like viewing a pond then the pond being obscured once more by the trees around it. Each time I tried to view the pond I would get glimpses and each time I kept getting lost in the trees.   This was due to my human logical mind demanding that I make sense of what I was feeling despite me having no reference point for the feelings.  All that I could feel was the constant triggering of the emotion and each trigger automatically closed me down.
This is something to become more conscious of when working to expand through the ANCHOR to the old 3D earth created reality. I am blessed to be supported by the most amazing people and of course my husband, Casey. This support of course has at times looked other than support, for often the support has come through various triggers that have been placed in my outer waking reality by said people. It was the constant triggering of emotion and my automatic response that was driving me to despair, I literally could not see the wood for the trees.
BookCoverPreview fractured female
The weather over the past 24 hours (in a linear time frame) has reflected that which I was feeling building within me. Thunderstorms with lightening and heavy thunder, torrential rain and the sky turning various colours. The heaviness of the actual air around me and yet still I could not get to the point of releasing fully the tears.  The more I tried to “solve the puzzle” despite me fully being aware that there IS NO PUZZLE drove me round in circles until I opened my heart. It was the simple act of my dear friend Kirsta simply holding the space for me and placing her hand on my heart that shifted this to the frequency I needed to access my heart.  Instead of closing it down I opened it and the tears flooded and the realisation of what I had filtered hit home.
My acknowledgement of the pain of my fathers passing and my acknowledgement that I never ever wanted to feel the depth of grief that I had the day I was told that he had died washing through me and around me and within me. It was this wash of grief that allowed me to breathe again for the first time fully since I was 13 years old and heard the words “your father has been killed” which changed my entire world.
At some level in this moment your SOUL is asking you to release the pressure, to let go and allow the dam of GRIEF that has built this entire human life experience in various ways ( grief can take a multitude of forms and sometimes is not related to the death of an actual person) to shatter.  THIS is the freedom in TRUTH that you are gifting to SELF for in the release is the full opening of the heart space and the ability to feel to ALL levels of your BEing.
The depth of LOVE that now flows around me, through me and within me has opened up new pathways and has illuminated clearly for me the depth of LOVE that I share with those who I am blessed to have in my life. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE PEOPLE and I send the LOVE that IS to you eternally.

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