Monday, December 7, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Heart is Your Best Teacher and Friend

The greatest blessing we have is the gift of love. Love is the highest vibration on the planet. Yet so many people ask me what is love and how can I feel it? The world we live in today was created from our minds. We are surrounded by concrete structures and man-made creations that have no life of their own and only reflect the straight artificial logic of our minds. No wonder we don’t know what love is!
We find love in Nature. Nature has a heart and radiates life energy. If we are going to save this world, it will involve returning to a world more dominated by Nature and a life more in harmony with our heart. Our heart was created as a part of Nature. Our heart grows best when we feel more love for our self and the world around us. Everything in Nature blossoms when human beings are feeling more love. Love radiates Life Force. It is alive and vibrant. Love is a force that guides our life every day but we have been trained to ignore it and follow logic and rules instead.

The human heart is waking up and it is very important for us to learn how to communicate with it. We all want to live a better life and find a way through the painful events we see happening in the world. The heart is the most important teacher and friend that we have. The heart never leaves us and is always there to remind us what makes us happy.
Follow the heart, communicate with the heart, and change the life you are living. Really the solution is very simple but we will have to make our heart a greater priority. I have always said that the mind can only follow the logic from our past, but the heart can feel the future. The heart knows things the mind cannot see. The greatest teacher and friend you are looking for is right there inside of you!

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