Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Rebirth of the Inner Christ

This is the day when the whole Universe sings of the birth of Love. Every heart is filled with the Golden Light of Love even in those who are not Christian. It doesn’t really matter what we believe. It only matters what we feel in our hearts. Deep inside our heart is the Inner Christ, the Inner Buddha, the God Within. As the Master Jesus said, “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” Even if we can’t see it or find it, the Cosmic Reality of Divinity is inside our hearts waiting for us to discover it.
This entire year has seen an outpouring of Cosmic Love and Light from the Heavens above and the Heart within. We have been lifted into a new world of Love and Light that permeates every cell of our body and soul. We are Divine but we have forgotten how to live it. The Consciousness of the entire Universe is Divine and composed of Infinite Love. This Consciousness is inside of us even when we are in confusion and doubt.

Now is the time to reawaken this Cosmic Love Consciousness and experience a rebirth into the New Life that waits for us. What can we do to awaken it? The answer is nothing. We only need to relax and feel it. No thinking. No doing. Just Simple Innocence and Pure Trust that we are That Infinite Divinity already. It is only our old habits of thinking we are something else that is not Divine. We have a habit to see the mistakes and confusion of this world but fail to turn our attention within and relax into the loving arms of the Universe that is waiting within our heart.
You never need to force a seed to sprout into a mighty tree. Once the seed has been planted, it will grow. We only need to water it with our Love and Light. If we pour the poison of our old thoughts over this seed of Love, it shrinks but never dies. It waits for the nourishment our heart can give to it with the nectar of Love and Trust.
Let this day be a day to remember the simple innocent Power of Love to heal our past and refresh our commitment to living the good life that we inherited from the Ocean of Love that embodies this Universe within our baby human heart. Nurture that Inner Child and watch it grow. Give it Hope and nurture it with our Love. Make a promise with all your heart :
“I AM the Light and Love of the Universe. I AM the Inner Christ already. I AM willing to let go of my frustration and just live from the Light of Love that shines Eternally in my heart. I AM that Truth Now and Forever. So Be It. Amen, Aum, Aham!”

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