Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Crossing Over the Line from Human to Divine

The more my heart opens, the more I feel the Cosmic Presence of the Divine in me. This experience is turning out to be much more than just Enlightenment and feeling Ku inside. I am beginning to feel the full Cosmic Presence so alive and so powerful moving through every cell of my body.
While I was meditating a few days ago, something unusual began to happen. The Presence of my Consciousness became thick and fluid like a river of Divine Light and Love. I could feel this Presence so powerfully that a tidal wave of Shakti literally picked me up and moved my entire Consciousness into merging with the Universe.

I have felt the Universe inside me many times before, but this was uniquely different. I was the Universe and I was the Presence of God’s Divine Consciousness. The Universe was my body and I could feel everything inside the Universe as my Self. When my consciousness moved as a tidal wave of energy, I could feel the Universe was moving too. I had crossed the line between what I felt as a human being and started to feel what it was like to become a Super Human.
Although this experience lasted for several hours, it did fade away and I returned to my normal state of Ku Consciousness. The experience of becoming Super Human was real and has returned several times over the past few days. I know clearly that this experience will continue to grow until I AM fully embodied as the Consciousness of God in Me. It is so exciting to realize that this experience is truly possible for any one to achieve. As the experience grows I will develop new tools to pass this on to others so that everyone can feel the True Divinity of what it means to be a God Conscious human being here on Earth.
I am so grateful for the love we all shared together during this tour of Japan and my tour in America. All the Love we shared together was leading to something quite wonderful and I am excited to be able to look into it more deeply so I can share it with all of you. It was your love that pushed me over the line. I send you all my Love and Light and offer my best for all of my friends to enjoy. Thank you so much! Many Blessings to all of you!

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