Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Communicating beyond Physical Language

The world we live in relies on language and verbal skills to communicate to others around us. At least that is the way it looks from our ego/mind’s perspective. But in reality there are many times when we cross over the sound barrier and communicate through our feelings without realizing it.
Plants and animals can feel our energy, particularly our emotions such as love. There is no doubt that when we love our garden, the plants flourish and when we don’t care, they dry up and die. Our pets can feel our feelings and desires even before we communicate them with words. As soon as my heart feels love for Fluffy, his head lifts up and he looks at me. If I then think about giving him a snack, as soon as I picture a snack in my consciousness, he jumps up with anticipation.

Communication with everything in this universe starts in the heart. Our heart is connected to the network of hearts in the entire ocean of consciousness. There is a constant stream of messages travelling from heart to heart every moment. Our mind is so distracted by our noisy thoughts or important responsibilities that we can not hear the silent whisper of messages from the universe. If we can relax and feel more silence in our heart, these messages could be noticed more. If we learn how to experience the Silent Presence of our Heart Consciousness, we could consciously communicate not only with our pets, but also with angels and other beings in our environment.
True communication from our heart travels through the entire field of consciousness and passes through walls into anyone who is nearby. Heart communication is a Quantum Field and is supported and enhanced by Cosmic Love. When we have love in our heart, we can learn to communicate with any form of life both visible and invisible. Communication from our heart is a field of infinite potential that we can explore as we learn how to be more silent through daily meditation.

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