Wednesday, December 30, 2015

James Twyman ~ Thank you for registering to be part of the ISIS Peace Vigil

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Thank you for registering to be part of the
ISIS Peace Vigil

The support I've received has been overwhelming. I've also received dozens of emails from people who are very fearful about even praying for peace in such a situation. Many have said that a prayer vigil might enrage the terrorists further and cause more violence. If that's true, then the terrorists have already won. I promise you, though, that it is not true. I believe that prayer is a powerful force for good, and that when thousands or millions of people join together in prayer, the results are amazing. That is why I am initiating this vigil, and it's why I'm so happy you'll be part of it.

Here's a bit more information of how we will proceed:
I will begin the journey to the Middle East sometime in mid or late January. I will travel to Israel, then go to the border of Syria near the Golan Heights. There is a Syrian village there that has welcomed me in the past which is very near the area held by the Islamic Jihadists. The night before I leave we will hopefully have a worldwide web based concert that you can watch live, preparing for the actual vigil. We also hope to broadcast the event in the Syrian village as well but will have to wait and see if it is possible or not. 

Most of all, we need your support in spreading the word about this important prayer vigil. For us to create a true shift in the consciousness there we need to have a massive group of people holding the energy. Please send the original email to as many people as you can. I've also included the links to both the video and the signup page on this email. Together we can create a revolution of love and grace that will dissolve any obstacle. Once again, thank you for your support. I'll report any news as it becomes available. 

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