Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Excerpt 5D report ~ Christ is Born: BE the revelation

reporticonxmasAs 2015 draws to a close, we end this universal “8” year of spiritual-meets-material mastery with quite an exclamation point.
For the last 36 months…since the 12-12-12 gateway…those solely dedicated to their personal ascension have been diligently working as a collective to merge the spiritual and material worlds (as above, so below).  Of course, that merging of heaven and earth began with(in) each and every one of us (as within, so without) so that by this coming year (2016) we could begin to witness the physical emergence of this ultimate union in the world around us…beginning with ourSelves.

Needless to say, this year’s 12:12 gateway represented a major turning point…the anniversary of/ending to the 3-year journey of our descension leading to this present phase of embodiment that many are realizing thru the resurrection process.  In 2016 (a universal 9 year marked by completion) we will move into the many ongoing (hu)manifestations/revelations of this “3” year process.
And what a three years it has been. 😳
The structure of time has changed so radically that the memory of those years has all but evaporated into the void of timelessness…but I assure you they were dreadful eventful as all hell. We have been carving out so much space in our bodies and earth for our solar aspects to enter this plane…releasing so much fear and cumulative karmic sludge from our cells that purification has become synonymous with existence.
And now here we are, deep in this sacred Soulstice/Christ-mass/New Year season which, for those those who have upheld their personal ascension plan…that which wholly contributed to the success of the planetary ascension plan…has a very special, very magical meaning this year, the year that the galactics say “the uni-versal Christ is born”.
For those deep in the throes of resurrection, it should be obvious by now that this is not figurative by any means…that we are literally approaching our full embodiment, the eMERGEnce of the christ within.  What that will look like or how it will come to pass…no one truly knows. But that is part of the bewilderment, the mysticism, the intrigue.  The not-knowing defines the human experience in that life is a game of hide and seek…hiding the truth of who we are (from ourselves) so that we can seek (remember) it again…and again…and again…in order to live out and experience different and varied aspects/expressions of Self.
This (unprecedented) time around however, we are coming into the memory of our christed nature…en masse…which has unspeakable implications for ourselves and this planet, and yet, it would be a detriment to try to apply any kind of logic or meaning to that truth. For now, we continue to focus on welcoming this new frequency into our bodies and the planet so that we can discover (allow to unfold) what that will mean for us uniquely and individually, first and foremost.
As we do, as we individually and collectively move up the evolutionary spiral and click into the next (higher) level of the game in 2016, the message that is coming thru loud and clear for wayshowers is that very soon, there will be no more hiding…that we simply cannot contain our light any longer and that the time has come to reveal the full truth of who we are, unapologetically, out loud, and in front of all others (read: no more playing small)
The entirety of 2015 was an ongoing barrage of tremendous transformation/preparation, and it ends just as powerfully as it began.  The last week of this year is precipitating a deep internal adjustment for many, one that will positively reorient us toward a fortuitous, yet hard-working, year ahead.
The Pleiadian Christmas message this year is one of glory, of new gifts opening within those of pure heart…but the most emphatic is that it is high time we manifest the true Source of our riches in the world around us.
As you move through the holy days, internal shifts will cause you to both deepen and expand.  Much will be different both within and around you…there will be new heights attained, new perceptions born, new revelations abound that will reveal to you your true christed nature on earth.
May the joy of your unveiling present as your true gift under the tree this year, for the unwrapping of truth will far surpass any Christmas before now.
In this unveiling, we remind you again that indeed you are and have always been masters…and yet, here you stand poised and ready to meet your mastery once again. 
This simultaneous, multidimensional awareness of past and present as ONE is the consciousness that beckons forth your birth as Christ.  
Yes, we proclaim that within each and every one of you on the higher path, on this very sacred season, the Christ is born. -Pleiadian High Council
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