Thursday, December 24, 2015

Holiday wishes and a shared note.

Love Tribe,

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christ~Mas and beautiful holidays! To spend moments together and gather with your loved ones and friends is always a blessing, no matter what tradition or nonconventional event it may represent for you. To enjoy each other, laugh and have a great time together is what sparks our dear hearts even more with Love and that is the point of it all. We are making a bridge towards sharing this every day and not only on these occasions of celebrations.

Let us celebrate the fact that we are together and gathered in this momentum to show each other how much we love being ourself, how much we love each other and the world we live in.. Or shall we say the life we share together on precious Gaia. For we live in the midst of a very special moment and occasion to elevate our consciousness into new ways and forms of embodiment. Make it a special one and focus especially on making someone feel appreciated and loved! Say loving things and compliment each other on what you love about that person and yourself. Love is the key, especially now with this current Wave which is especially focusing on the physical vessel to embody pure higher Love and Light. Without all the love for yourself and for each other, this task of integration will be harder to fulfill. So let us, all together, make this moment an easy and a loving one. You are never alone on your path, you are supported and loved tremendously by all in the deepest point of the heart.

With Golden pillars of Light, this Christ~Mas is a Golden One. The Christ energies are exquisite and highly potent at this time: absorb, allow and take it all in at your pace. Just be open for it and have a deep trust in yourself! Your Soul knows what to do and it is reshaping its form into new wavelengths of vibration in consciousness.

All my Love and best wishes, I will return later with some more news after my own shift which has been going on non-stop for over 2 weeks now! Breathing, releasing and shifting!

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Much love
Méline Portia


  1. Hi Meline,

    Just a note to say thank you for your website and your posts, so appreciated by so many. Love, harmony, peace and goodwill to ALL. B.

  2. Sharing a channeling for Christmas Eve, from The Christos-Sophia!
    Beloveds, Welcome!

    We welcome in to the very Heart of Mother-Father God, where your place has always and is eternally to be found. Your heart opens wide with this welcome and floods Light into every particle of Gaia and all her life in this most joyous season of Love. Divine Love, selfless Love, pure Love for your Self and all life expands in a beauty that makes the Creation sing!

    These past three years have seen the deepening of understanding and of knowing the peace that has arrived on mother Gaia. You Have Come to see and to hear and to know the truth codes that have ever been held in your heart flame, and these flames together create a bonfire of beauty and magic, purifying the pains of separation that include separation from your own divine nature, your true nature. You Have Come in to the Consciousness of The Christ - Union with your true nature.

    At midnight tonight, a Universal Love ignites!

    Christmas Eve, 2015

    with great Love, Jewels

  3. Merry Christmas Méline to you and your family :)