Friday, December 18, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Magenta Flame is Blazing with Love!

Thank you all for your patience! Everything has been so active since Fuji! I am still swimming in the Magenta Flame that we activated there. Mother Fuji greeted us with all her heart and opened her Cosmic Love for all of Japan. Sitting in the middle of the sunshine of a Vortex on Fuji really moved all of our hearts into a new dimension of warmth and love. On the last day as I was meditating in the morning I saw a great White Light emanating from the mountain. When I looked with my inner vision, I saw a great Chamber of Light where many divine beings of all shapes and sizes were assembled. I felt I was in the presence of Royalty. I realized that this was the Ancient Royal Family and Guardians of Japan. I bowed to them and thanked them with all my heart for being there and giving their love to the land and people of Japan.

Thank all of you for the wonderful love we shared this month. I am truly moved. Soon I will be going home to Chiang Mai with all of you in my heart and special memories of our time together. Thank you so much!

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