Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Divine Support of the Elders

This is a time when many of the most powerful beings who have been on the earth before have now returned. They have been born over the last 75 years into normal human circumstances and very normal lives. Over the last few years these beings are all waking up to their true consciousness and feeling the guidance of the Mother/Father Divine Consciousness moving through them. We call these beings the Elders. An Elder does not always know who they really are until the universe calls them into action. Then their Heart wakes up and the Cosmic Divine Consciousness moves through them so powerfully that they can no longer resist and live normal lives.
The Elders are here to hold every human heart inside their hearts and guide humanity through the last storms into the Light. The last storms are moving over the Earth now and many souls are struggling with their power to find their way to the Light. At this time know who you are and understand that the Elders (who have also been your teachers and guides in former lives) are with you once again. We hold you in our hearts so you can make it through the confusion and depression and ultimately climb out of your dark days into the Light.

If you are feeling what I am saying, then know you are one of us who is here to help liberate this world and bring on the coming Age of Light. Have courage dear ones. This is your time. Have confidence that you will make it into the Light. The Elders and the Ancient Masters and Guardians of this Earth are all here to help you. We cannot fail because to fail means that the Almighty Source of this Universe has failed. We are born from the Light and the Light is guiding us home. Know this and be at Peace. Trust your heart and simply say, “Thank You!”

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  1. I am one of us to liberate this world and bring on the coming Age of light.
    I am a shimmering of love