Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Méline Lafont ~ The web of I AM Presences of Cosmic creation is detaching her beautiful grid of consciousness from the lower planes, bringing the grid of full consciousness back to the higher plane of BEING ~ From Self and through Self

(As shared previously, my current messages under my own name will be labeled under Lady Portia, for we are One and the same with no separation.  Much Love, Méline ♥)

We see much turmoil going on, for we are seeing the reflections of our physical selves emerging out of duality.  These scenes are hard to grasp for the mind while the heart chooses to ascend, reflecting these inner heart choices into your outer world.  Now as Ascension is taking place, true desires and manifestations are grounding into the centre of the earth plane, demanding our full consciousness and the balance of Self, in order to be able to cope with this.

The importance of loyalty to Self and to the heart is now being reflected in the minds and understood as being a key factor in this all.  The true heart desire will shed the light in all situations for it is the desire that plays the will of manifestation.  It is the desire that reflects our heart knowledge as well, for it speaks of what we are, what we form, bring and know.

Understanding is the reflection of the true knowledge one has, being born from experience and from lessons.  A true heart desire will always bring hope along its reflection of the heart and so it is important that we understand what we reflect and what we ourselves bring.

There is no pain in death for there is only pain in deceiving, deceiving is Illusion.  Birth brings the new in you and makes way for light, for hope, for the child in you and for Love.  Birth is going on right now and it brings tears of emotions too.  As emotions are being swept away, it makes the old being released and the dark being removed, for dark is part of All That Is and so also part of your being.

Dark matters and so does Light. It is finding the balance in these 2 that makes the ride hard.  For now all is floating and mixing in energies in such ways that all will shine again as a rebirth of Light, a rebirth of you.

The I AM Presences of the web of Cosmic creation is in full creation and sliding into full consciousness, where it begins to be understood by the collective form of you; that all is creation of thoughts and heart desire.  It is necesary to be seen and understood that one should not blame, for all is creation of Self and blaming others incurs an endless form of Karma.  All is One, for all is you!  Nothing is outside of you, for all is inside of you, so blaming One is blaming you.

The web of  I AM Presences of Cosmic creation is detaching her beautiful grid of consciousness from the lower planes, bringing the grid of full consciousness back to the higher plane of BEING.  This causes dramatical changes on the Earth planes, as well as in the collective form.  All parties and aspects are trying to hold on to old patterns of being, for the merging with the new and renewed you is creating different manifestations for each.

Those vary from Bliss to chaos in 1 world that is existing of several different realities in One.  The Earth grid and the web of I AM Presences of Cosmic creation are lifting and merging as One, bringing this birth of the new You: the Cosmic Self and World.

Be Loved my Precious hearts.
I AM that I AM
Eyah Asher Eyah

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