Friday, September 5, 2014

Meredith Murphy ~ Message from AA Michael: Change is created within

When we find the truth within ourselves, we have found everything~! This is a time when it is so important to listen to and orient to and discover more rapport and connection, even perhaps more identification with, our true inner voice. We can find this awareness of clarity in our heart.

Today, I wanted to share a brief message from Archangel Michael for this week, invite you to join our new Soar Fest which starts Tuesday, September 9th and invite you to read a message from the Elohim of Light which was given in our last Soar Fest on Unconditional Love. I hope all these resources will affirm you, support you, encourage you and the energy within them, cradle you in love.

Message from Archangel Michael, 4 September 2014
Change is Created Within.

Hello My Friends,

The life you are living is opening you up to new streams of energy and love. This experience is helping you to have more confidence in yourself and to feel more connected to All that is. When you are feeling this, you are more aware of your true nature -- the eternal, infinite, perpetual, dynamically elaborating YOU. This is the orientation to Self that serves you most in fulfilling this life expression.

The month of September opens with currents of new energy that are preparing you and assisting you. You are moving into a time of great change and this means, of course inner change. All outer change is made manifest because of inner change, so whenever change is felt, it is an indicator of enormous inner shifting.

More and more, you are living with this awareness, orienting to your inner landscape with a knowing that it is indicating how your life will unfold and attending to your desires by turning inward. We celebrate you as you live this way, for we see the way it changes your energy and the way it fuels your intentions. Live more and more as the confident, powerful beings you truly are, and know that all is well.

I AM Archangel Michael

To explore how we might combine our inner clarity and knowing, as we claim and live our power more fully, I'd like to invite you to join the new Soar Fest!
New SOAR FEST begins Tuesday, September 9th.

This upcoming Soar Fest is wonderfully aligned with the Equinox Energies of September. Our focus will be on personal power with balance. On achieving a particular kind of balance which is the true source of power; the balance of being a blended, conscious, multidimensional being.

To read the details and register for this new Soar Fest that launches Tuesday, September 9th, click HERE.

Lastly, I'm inspired to share a message that was given in our last Soar Fest.
Channeled Message from the Elohim of Light

As we embrace our personal power, our conscious multidimensionality, and begin to play more confidently with being a balanced blended being, we sometimes become hung-up on ideas of power and if we're making he right decisions, if we're clear about our inner knowing or guidance. In short, we doubt. We hesitate. To support is in moving through this and getting and keeping our flow going, this message from the Elohim of Light will encourage us in beautiful ways.

Your Beginning in this Life Assures a New Creation
I hope you join us for the Soar Fest. Like all Soar Fests, this one is a freedom-lovers, pay-what-feels-good, party of Cosmic and Global connection.

The Soar Fests are a way in which we together, are transforming collective consciousness. We are grounding energies that are coming from beyond this realm where we are focused, from the fullness we are and in collaboration with the Angelic, the Star Beings who are part of the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple (who over-light my work), and this is bringing beautiful, silent, radiant truth into more prominent energetic expression on Earth.

Join us! I'd love to share this with you.

For latest about what's happening now, as well as an online archive of channeled messages ... and all things wonderful! Click and visit

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