Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Ego is Our Friend

So many people believe that the ego needs to be eliminated in order to become Enlightened. The ego is not your enemy. Our ego allows us to focus and do things in this world. Without our ego we couldn’t function. The only problem we have with ego is attachment. When our ego gets attached, we can only see what we are focused on and ignore everything else. The solution to this problem is easy. If we can expand our heart and broaden our vision, the ego could be a mighty tool for the universe to help us change our life and bring greater harmony to our world. There is no need to eliminate our ego when our heart is full of love.

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  1. This comment is correct. "How to train your Dragon (Ego)?" instead of killing it we better find the way of changing it and use under our command. Just to remember : We are totally our EGO. Then what's the way of changing ourselves ? Can it be doing the opposite of what our ego whispers us ?