Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Love is the Key

When we open our heart and truly allow our love to move through us, the ocean of the universe moves through us and creates a miracle. In the scientific age we doubt that miracles are real. But in past generations before there was science, we trusted in the universe to help us. Now we have become so reliant on our mentally created reality that we no longer trust the universe and Mother Earth to take care of us.
We are all children of God. We are born from the ocean of the universe. This magnificent universe lives inside of us. Our own Divine Consciousness can create miracles. Not our human mind but that part of us that is one with the universe.

Love is the key. When our heart is filled with love, anything is possible. Our own consciousness has the infinite potential to create a better world. Beneath our shallow wave of ego/mind is an ocean of Infinite Possibilities that can bring our life into a more magnificent and more miraculous reality. This reality can only occur when we put aside all of our limitations and believe 100% that Love makes anything possible. Love can never be understood by our ego/mind. Love breaks our belief in limitations and opens our heart to Infinity. When we feel loved, anything is possible.
Buddha told us not to believe just because he said it. We have to trust and see for our self what our Buddha Nature can accomplish. The first step is letting go of all our limited thinking. The second step is trusting that we are one with the universe and anything is possible. Love is the key to open our heart and all of our consciousness to the miraculous.
I am looking forward to seeing many of you tonight for Group Meditation and follow-up with the Love Mantra!

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