Sunday, June 21, 2015

Solara AnRa ~ Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light ~ are you ready for an UPGRADE? :)

The Arcturians gift us with this healing session in order to allow our further activation - IF we are ready for an upgrade! Lie down to experience this ‘Chamber of Light’ – repairing on a cellular atomic level, repairing the electrical Light Body in order to repair your nervous system, so that your codes may be activated with more comfort in your physical body. 

For the most powerful healing result, allow as much time & space to rest after the session as possible to integrate the healing, with no internet, telephone or any other electro-magnetic interference.

This was recorded live during my ‘Solstice Activation’ Retreat in Ibiza, but I was guided to make it available to you as it will assist many ~ you know who you are! The Time Is Now!
Download the soundfile here: 

Love love love,
Solara an-Ra
Magic Weaver for Gaia

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