Monday, June 8, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Oneness

Thank you everyone for a wonderful meditation with the Love Mantra! Here in Tokyo the experience was amazing with 110 students and 10 teachers, the energy filled the room with profound peace. There were people from all over Japan radiating love to throughout the land. When I tuned in to all of you who joined us in Global Meditation I felt so much energy I could hardly stand up to do the ceremony! I am sure Mother Earth is very grateful.

There are still three more weeks on this tour and the energy keeps accumulating and multiplying exponentially. This is exactly what we need to move through the walls that have held us all in old limitations and habits. The Ocean of Consciousness is rising up through each of us connecting our souls in Oneness and opening our inner vision to a more unified future for all living beings on Earth. Thank you all so much! Bless you everyone!

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